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For some reason Notebook was being rude and not letting me start a pm :( Anyways. So yeeah, things are about to get i n t e r e s t i n g. I've got plans, but like not too many, and I'm curious if you guys have ideas? Or just things you want to incorporate in general? Also, I started this before I got Swim's reply bc I have to leave for the weekend and don't know when I'll be able to get back on.


Dw about it lol, I know you're super busy with everything on nb and irl.

I guess I'll just list things that I want to do then? Idk how else to really do this lmao posting on hotel wifi before I eat and go to bed sklavn I just wanted to get my ideas down in the car and post eventually. Sorry they're so long I was rambling and didn't know how to trim it.

  • Don't worry about this ending soon lol, they think they're about to have a Big Dramatic Showdown TM with Yuga but that's not gonna happen for a while

  • Lorule! Crew!! Yuga's not the only one who's here and we're definitely gonna have some interaction with Ravio because I simp for one (1) thieving bunny boy reasons. If you're not familiar with the Lorule Crew it's pretty simple, they're Lorule's(Hyrule's equivalent in a parallel world) versions of the Triforce Trio. Yuga is Ganondorf's counterpart, Ravio is Link's, and Hilda is Zelda's. I don't have any romantic subplots planned for them(Yuga's a Whole Adult Man and Ravio's like…fifteen? Sixteen? I can't remember what ages I had for them. Hilda's like nineteen I think. So they're not really compatible age-wise lmao). I can go more into them if you want, but basically Yuga and Hilda are working together for reasons involving magic and Ravio's on their side for now.

  • So for the dungeons, I'm thinking either three or four, correlating either with the dragons or the four other races. Can you tell I've put the most hours into BOTW? lmao Anyway, if we go the dragon route then each dungeon will probably focus on/complement a specific one of our characters according to the dragon(of course, we can always go the angst route and have something Bad happen to them in their dungeon). I've got some locations that I think would work for those too, and for the "reward" I'm thinking they either need to get the dragons' blessings or a sacred weapon that they're guarding. If we go the races route, there'll probably be some kind of temple in or near the "main towns" for the gorons, zora, rito, and of course the gerudo, with a sacred/magical item inside that our characters will need to get to stop Yuga.

  • Tbh I absolutely love the idea of the squad doing this entirely out of Gan's car. I can't really remember if you specified what kind he had but I'm just picturing Ganondorf and Zelda in the front seats and Link, Fi, and Girahim crammed into the backseat of a smaller car while Girahim glares daggers at a very confused Link. Or once Ganondorf figures out how to put Girahim back in his gotdamn sword and Fi goes back in the Master Sword that backseat could be very comfy for cuddles skalnvn just a normal everyday World Saving Roadtrip

  • Link is absolutely going to cross-dress in Gerudo Town because he "does't want to make anyone uncomfortable" and I really want an excuse to design a modern version of the BOTW gerudo outfit. Crop top Link rights!! >:O

  • So this is more of a "what do you guys think" type of thing, but I'm thinking of having some references to the Linked Universe AU pop up? Bc I'm not sure if you're familiar with LU, it's an AU where the Links from different games meet up and have to take down Dark Link together because he's causing shenanigans. Not like they actually show up or anything(unless? jk jk, but it would be pretty funny to see their reactions to The Relationship lmao), just little nods here and there. If you guys aren't cool with that then I won't do it, just throwing the idea out there. Tbh I only have a couple of ideas for that

  • Also I kinda want to make a Shadow Link appearance, specifically with his Four Swords manga characterization. Super obscure I know but trust me I know how to make it work please officer let me explain. He's from another world(yeah I know more of that but it's different from Lorule, I think. It isn't specified so creative liberty says yes) and I read a fic where the author put him in with the justification that time goes WAY slower in his world. Given that it's been actual thousands of years he's probably gonna be like late twenties at least but he's still an Absolute Bastard. Plus that can give me some freedom to mess around with Dark Link stuff–and they are different characters, actually. Shadow's definitely not gonna like Ganondorf in the beginning because of stuff that happened in the past, but tbh that seems like it might be a common theme lmao. Again, if you guys don't want me to do that then I won't(honestly I haven't put that much thought into this one yet either) I just. I care him??

God some of that probably reads like an over-obsessed Tumblr kid ranting but I just wanted to get that stuff down. Thoughts? Ideas of your own?

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

  • perfect!! I'm loving this lol
  • This is great! Much angst and simping
  • I'm good with dragons! It makes sense in the context of the world we've made
  • Yesssssssss it's an older convertible boat car, cause ~classy,~ and it's perfect for cuddles and too many people in the back XD Once Ganondorf figures out how to get Ghirahim back in the sword form it'll happen a lot, but if Link thinks he's getting out of this without getting licked vvy homosexually by grey boi he's got another thing coming
  • Yessssss I really do love the head cannon that Hyrulian's are more lax with gender norms, and you are what you present as unless you say otherwise
  • YES!! I love LU!! Lime, just a single paragraph about the reactions away some point would be hilarious, like everyone is a bit intimidated and Will Not be interacting with these three e v e r XD
  • I'm good with that! These all sound absolutely awesome!!


Uhhhhh I'm good with everything lol
I'm a very (VERY) casual Zelda game player so uhhh
I don't know all the lore or anything
But I did read the Four Swords manga and oh my god I simp for it



Tbh I know most of the things I do because there was discussion in the LU server and I was like "I've never played that game??? Please help???" so yeah lmao. Gotta say, I'm not too familiar with the Wind Waker timeline and stuff(I've played Spirit Tracks but that's it from that one.)

also Swim you can read it for free on Mangadex be gay do crimes


I've only completed ALB and technically TP(although I played that with a friend and we started on an old file at the Water Temple sooo), but I've played a lot of OOT, BoTW, Spirit Tracks, and a little bit of SS

Hey Swim, just wondering, is our RP on your purge list? I totally understand if you want to put it off or something, I know you have a lot of them and your commissions have got to be eating at you


…Yo? Not to rush or anything, but it's almost been a week. Idk if you just got so busy you forgot or something? Or have you, like, genuinely not had the time to respond? ngl I was thinking about RPs that I need to reply to instead of doing homework so I don't really have a whole lot of room to talk there, just thought I'd bump in case you genuinely forgot or something


Oof, valid. And oh shit, I wasn't even aware. I was getting pretty hyped for stuff to start happening, too… guess there isn't much that can be done, though. Hopefully you guys will both be up to it when Fraust gets back 😔


I'm probably just gonna bump every so often(not every day, I don't want to be annoying) if it's alright with you guys? I just don't want this to be forgotten dslkavnv I know you're burned out so like no pressure to reply before you can, but I really don't want this to die

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

Aaa, yes of course! I've got the rp on unread too, I'm just keeping replies to a minimum of a few rps a day, things are getting really hard irl at the moment Don't you just love it when you tell your mother you'd had a panic attack when you went to bed and almost had one the next day in class and the only thing she asks is if you missed any work?