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I don't know about you guys, but where I am there are still two very big things that Mother Nature can do and both involve the annihilation of Washington, Oregon, and part of California. So just don't-don't-don't tempt her. She can and she will.

But actually, I'm curious to know, how has this year been for all of you guys thus far? How are things going? What do you think about the new norm?

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How's the new norm going? Well
Me, staring at people wearing masks: why aren't you wearing a mask??
Me: wait

Me, actively touching my mask: I'm not wearing a mask! Oh no! What do I do??
Me: wait no I am wearing a mask I can feel it
Me, twenty seconds later: I'm not wearing a mask!

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Well I live in Australia, so we haven't actually had much quarantine (in particular I am in/from Queensland). Almost all of Victoria is in stage 4 lockdown (they have the most cases for us, though nowhere near the US). I think that there's a possibility that New South Wales will go into lockdown too but I'm not sure.
About a month or two ago, some bitches came to Queensland from Victoria. They were infected and completely lied that they weren't. Because of them, a large area had to shut down and three schools were closed.

We had an extra week of holidays in Term 1 (so our last week became holidays). That gave us three weeks of holidays instead of two. Grade 11 and 12 (and prep and Grade 1 as well) went back after three weeks of online school because of the ATAR system, and then everyone else went back after five (two weeks after us). Oh yeah, we're a P-12 school with a kindy across the parking lot (though that is technically a different business).

I turned 17 this year (month ago today) and I have my Ps now which I'm SO happy about.
I had a party at the start of this week and I had a lot of fun hanging with my friends.
I also got a cat in March and he has been so helpful for my mental health (we adopted him from RSPCA, sole purpose was to help my mental health and not cause of quarantine).

One of my old friends died in a car crash the week before my birthday. She sustained head injuries and her life support had to be taken off.
My parents and I had known her family since I was really little, because the two of us did little athletics together.
I still feel the effects of her death on me. I find myself losing motivation really suddenly and sometimes I just don't want to do anything.

Oh and my older cousin got married in January. His wife is super nice and she makes him really happy. It's weird but I can't want for them to have children haha.

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uhhh sooooooooo: basically,
2020 has been mostly trash.

but some things were good.
like the fact that i actually had more time to write this summer and during the shutdown

but the rest was mostly trash.
where i am is currently in phase 2 (i wish we were DONE - i HATE social distancing)
masks could be worse - (people, don't judge.) they cover up pimples. and like yeah. you just have to find a nice BREATHABLE mask.
cousin had to postpone wedding. but i want them to have kids. like soon. like a girl.
i've learned im good at arguing. which can be a good and bad thing.
UM and idk. a lot of trash happened.
oh i fell off a horse. that was fun.
i'm forced to do pretty much everything.
so basically i can't live MY life. i have to life in a never ending loop. day after day week after week month after month year after year. decade after DECADE. ( <– THAT IS MY LIFE. PERIOD. THE END. )
two of my closest friends from a few years ago have pretty much dumped me.
and im wacko. (LOL no im not but like i can be crazy when im bored. or just lacking. or just plain embarrassed. or with my closest friends. idk exactly.)

theres more. but thats the only things on the top of my mind.


sending social-distanced virtual hugs to y'all I'm sorry this year has been real sucky for a lot of you guys and I hope you get better. For now, make sure to stay safe!

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This whole year has been tough on everyone. And I mean everyone. No one has been safe from this year. That's why I created this chat though. I figure, hey, we're all in some sucky situations, why not share what's been going on, and talk with people about how their year has gone. Although I would request we steer clear of politics. That's a mess I don't want here. That's an entire 2020 year in itself.


This year is honestly so stressful since i'm stuck with my antivaxx, ultra-strict, conservative parents who think the LGBTQ+ community is a cult.