forum someone tell me how I was in 7th grade when I joined this site and now im a junior in high school
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I was a sophomore in high school when I joined and now it’s been a year since I graduated. I did not think I would last this long if I’m being honest

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i was in 7th and now i'm a sophomore. shit's crazy man.


!!!!!!!!!!oh same i joined in 7th— 11th now . i cant recall a time like the summer ?2017 where i could feel fulfilled spending my days on my computer writing shit all day


no hate to Andrew or the site, I really am grateful, this place got me through a lot of shit. its just funny to think about


yeahhyeah,,,, id spend hhours thinking up pen names on namehunter and researching the shit out of random thinngs like 18th century fashion (now an actual interest of mine lmao)

so many happy brain chemicals from time on here