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So like, most of my dreams are random, take my most recent one. At one point, I was at school, wearing the wrong uniform. then at another I had like holes in the bottom of my foot because a dog had shot me. then there was puppies and the one I was holding kept scratching me.


Oh my gosh, I have so many

When I was little, my mom had been talking about getting a new car. One night I had this dream where I was hanging out in my house, then my dad ran into the room and told me that mom just got a new car and to go outside, so I did, and when I got there, I saw this HUGE limo that was as long as our entire block… But then, out of these double doors on the side, another car burst out, and it was a really, really old-fashioned buggy car… Nobody was driving it, but it was coming at me, so I ran through the house into the backyard, but it was still chasing me. I got to the very end of the yard, and was up against the fence, and the car was about to hit me, and then I woke up.