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Y'all remember how people were becoming pen-pals? Well, I thought that it would be kinda cool to do a Secret Santa! I was thinking we could make a list of people that would be interested (and have the okay from parents/guardian), assigning each a number. Those numbers would then be randomly paired together (everyone would be pmed the name and # of who they got paired with). We could make something by hand, buy something, which ever you'd be comfortable with and can afford. I encourage creativity, so feel free to get creative!
Email and pming can be used as alternatives to giving out our irl addresses.

So, other than @Winter-The-Renegade-Legionnaire and @Mosis_Is_Dumb who else is interested?

1: SupernaturalSyGuyEdt
2: Mosis

@JustALostM book

I'd have to get comfortable with someone and then maybe zoom them before I send anything. That's my philosophy. Bc I'm not about to give out my phone number or address.

Hm. I can do none. Though I can Do Docs/Gmail.