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Because the notes I write are silly and funny. I want to see yours.
Heres mine!
Never kiss your roommate is the book these are from<3
Relatable– "Since my bone structure was one of the few things I really had going for me"
Fucking dies– "Then before I could brace myself, her hand cupped my cheek. I forgot how to breathe when I felt her lips on my skin, pressing a lingering kiss just above the corner of my mouth"
W lesbian– "Noell"
Stab him.– "Instead of backing off, he only smirked wider. I was keenly aware that I couldn't just get off the table with the way he was standing right in front of me, almost close enough for his legs to touch my knees. "Come on, don't be like that. You know you want to.""
I would die for this man–"You're too pretty for him anyway."