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This is for me to dump my poems

Good times
Are followed by
Bad times

The laughter
Is followed by
The wails

The light
Is followed by
The darkness

The peace
Is followed by
The war

Just as

Bad times
Good times

The wails
The laughter

The darkness
The light

The war
The peace

@Null-Gravity language

Oh, this is delightful- time to dump a poem.

A lone datapoint
Alone and lost, forgotten
Maybe I should have joined
When they all went out to play

It was a day for bright
Smiling faces to shine
I didn't think it right
I was sorta kinda fine

Well they found me on the floor
Nobody knew what to do
I didn't want to be a bore. . .
So I tried to become something new

It had been happening
For a while
No one and nothing knew
I would sit at the table and stare
And if I ate, I would glare

I started to look worse for wear
My teeth, corroding, my voice hoarse
My skin, it was pale
And I simply couldn't focus my stare

The only one who seemed to notice
Was only myself
Nobody else seemed to really care
I was wasting away

The doctors took me
Told them the truth

Were they mad?
Of course
Because I wasn't good enough even then.

@RhysTheFirebird group

(hey, i don't have any poems sry, but i just wanted to ask how to do so. i've always kinda wanted to write poems but i don't really know how.)

(Hm. . . I don't really know how I do it, I just do it, lol. I've been writing since I was a little girl, and I don't really remember how I learned.)

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(hey, i don't have any poems sry, but i just wanted to ask how to do so. i've always kinda wanted to write poems but i don't really know how.)

(Hm. . . I don't really know how I do it, I just do it, lol. I've been writing since I was a little girl, and I don't really remember how I learned.)

(heh, ok, thanks anyway! i'll probably just figure it out somehow.)

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(i finally did it)

The one

Have you ever been ‘the one’?
Have you ever been the one with the perfect hair?
Have you ever been the one with the perfect smile?
Have you ever been the one with the perfect paintings?
Have you ever been the one with a quiet mind?
I’ve never been that one…

Have you ever been the one who’s a perfect friend?
Have you ever been the one with a perfect family?
Have you ever been the one who lived up to your name?
Have you ever been the one who knows what to do?
Have you ever been the one who conquers all their fears?
I’ve never been that one…

I’m the one who never succeeds.
I’m the one with a painted smile.
I’m the one who changed my name.
I’m the one who fears the world.
I’m the one with a broken mind.
That’s the one I am…

Have you ever been the one?

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(oh, i was just really exited to have made a poem, i kinda forgot it was sad 😅)
(these one's are nicer if not a bit basic)

The little things

Have you ever watched the clouds at night.
Watch how they shift and sway?
Have you ever smelled the flowers in spring,
Or watched your kite fly away?

Do you ever wish upon a star,
Hoping it’ll come true?
Do you ever try something different,
Just because it’s new?

Have you ever strolled along the beach for fun?
Or maybe watch a blood moon raise?
Have you ever wondered what you’re doing wrong,
Everytime a cactus dies?

Do you accidentally stab your hand,
every time you sew?
Have you ever taken a pen apart,
Because you had to know?

Do you ever sleep in the grass outside,
in the middle of the day?
Have you ever argued your point so well,
That everything goes your way?

Have you ever been stuck on level in a game,
Then one day beat it?
Have you ever burn your hand making cookies,
because you forgot the oven mitts?

Have you ever wondered if and when you die,
“What if I become a ghost, and walk along the sky?
What if I want see the world, at least I know I could.
What if I could do the things I never dared to try?”

But I wonder what it’d be like,
To watch the little things go by.
I’d probably say that i’m alright,
But know it was a lie.

I’ll always miss those little things,
Even while i’m alive.
I even miss the heartbreak
And even the sleepless nights, and the late night drives.

I also miss the brightest dawns,
And the darkest nights.
So i Think about the little things.
Before it grows too late.

When i read

I have walked a thousand miles.
I have seen a thousand sights.
I have ruled a thousand years.
And walked on marble tiles.

I have ridden on dragon back.
And sailed the seven seas.
I have tamed wild beasts.
And watched armies march in tact.

I have gone through space and time.
And i’ve felt true love’s kiss.
I’ve known total heartbreak,
and undying bliss.

I know these things ‘cause when i read,
See it all through the story’s eyes.
I know these things ‘cause when i write,
I feel as if their feelings were mine.


My life By TJ

It rains
It never stops
The sun never comes out
It's always raining
I'm alone now
it's better for me
until i met you
I was so blinded by the colors
I was such a fool to let you near me
we're friends
and its fun
the sun is warm
but its still raining

@Phrog-King terrain

Tired - By Azi

I'm tired of tired
I'm tired of being alone
But please don't call me
I won't pick up my phone

I don't want you to hear my voice
My broken laugh or tired smile
I don't want you to hear my words, devoice
Devoid of energy though I talk for a long while

I'm tired of tired
Of being alone
Don't come to see me
I'll pretend I'm not home

You'll know I am
I never leave
I just don't want you
To see me grieve

Grieve of what
I do not know
I'm tired of tired
But I like alone

@Serenity88 group

(oi they don't have to rhyme, or have much of a pattern, right? cause I scribbled some scribbles somewhere and I post it now)

What if the World Ends?

What if the world ends?
will it end in a whisper, a bang?
or will it all just stop?
I know not.

but what if someone knew?
theyd be lying.
but what if they weren't?
id not believe them.

what if the world ends?
ill just see what happens.
o wow I didnt realize how crappy that was until now😭


Sporks - By Me
idk if this counts as a poem really… I'm proud of it though so

In my house, in the kitchen,
we keep all our silverware in one drawer.
There's this little divider thing in there,
so the forks and spoons are separate.

The thing is, there's no spot for sporks.
Recently, a very beautiful spork has come into my possession.

I asked my dad where to put the spork.
He said, "I don't know."

"Well, it's a spoon, isn't it?" I said.
He said no.
"Then it must be a fork." I said.
He said no again.
"It's both and neither at the same time." He said.
"Just put it in with the chopsticks and stuff."

That night, I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't get my brain to shut off.
I kept thinking about that spork,
and what else it could mean.

I'm a spoon.
Or at least I have been,
for as long as I can remember.
But lately, I've been feeling more like a spork.

I think maybe I am.
Both and neither at the same time.

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(someone said i could write poems, so i blame them for this one)

25 cents.

who'd want to be mad, but sad and lonely?
who'd want to know how heartbreak feels?
who'd want to be sacred like i am every day?
scared to be discovered. scared to be understood.
scared to be found out, but scared never to be at all.
who'd want that for themselves?

why would you ever say to me: "i wish i was like you.."
you shouldn't tell me that, 'cause i think you're better too.
but i'd never wish to be you.

who'd want to be like others, if we all hurt just the same?
if only i could heal you wounds, with just a simple touch.
i wish that i could help you. i wish to stay by your side.
i think that i could care for you, enough to even cry. i really think i could, wouldn't even have to try.

but who'd ever want to understand, to see all the pain?
why not keep your perfect picture, in your perfect frame?
why can't i see my own reflection? be the person that i should be?
why can't i just be that person that you see?
just let me be the one you know, the person you painted over me.
don't put yourself inside my shoes, and learn how sad and broken i really am.

one thought is worth a penny, ten is worth a dime.
please don't see who im hiding, in the hundreds of dollars i write.
please don't shatter this crystal mask of mine.
because, my friend, i could never stand it,
if i lost my partner in crime.


One With The Stars

The moon rises,
Bringing its dark cloak over the land
The stars it’s prizes,
Full of surprises

A hoot, a whisper, a cackle of glee
It's scary but you will be fine, you and me
Hush, listen, can you hear it,
Or is it something only I can see?

If i could give myself to you
Body and soul, would it be true
That we would merge, through and through
If it is, i'll see you soon

The bats in the sky, the fear in my heart
My earthly tether, breaking apart
Becoming a star in the sky,
Nothing more than a spark