forum NIGHTMARES ***TRIGGER WARNINGS*** **read at your own risk**
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I am not going to sensor anything unless a admin or mod or whatever asked me too.

here is mine from today

WARNING - death in many MANY ways

It started out like the drill competition, we were all in uniform and went into a building, but we were using the buddy system. We didn’t know the place was designed to make you go crazy. I was paired up with Kaufman, Johnson and Riggings, Barrett and Mattingly, and Bryce and Pollard. We called it the “trash bin” for some reason. There were rooms, and hundreds upon hundreds of doors. None of which led you out once you entered. I died in many ways, Falling, being injected by something that ate my cells, being strangled by firecrackers (don't ask), being impaled, having my throat slit, car crash, strangulation, and a few others. Every time I thought I got out, I was wrong. One time, I thought I got out, but I saw a bus to the “trash bin” and so I got everyone on the bus and we drove off. I got a call saying it was Johnson, but I thought it was a trick. I threw my phone. Riggings was driving, but he was hanging outside the open door. I ran up to the seat and helped him in, closing the door. Then all of the road signs had big red cross out signs on them. I grabbed Jay, (my ex who for some reason was there) and we jumped off, we turned around and everyone on the bus had gotten impaled. I freaked out, and stabbed myself thinking ‘it is another room, my task is to die’. The whole world knew about the “trash bin” I thought, when in reality, no one did. Anyway we slit our throats and then one of the medics said “this is real.” and I panicked even more, before he came up and stabbed me. The next one, we were on a boat, and there was another one, and we kept shooting fireworks at each other, until someone decided to launch one full of firecrackers, we died. I woke up many times but each time it was the same dream.

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Been there before. I have this dream where my ex screams at my while i am locked in a room with him and he tells me everything I've ever done wrong
I wake up and go back to sleep and then have to same dream
sometimes im stuck in a cage