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In short, I'm really struggling to find balance in my life right now. I'm a first-year college student with finals these next two weeks, a financial aid deadline to sort, classes to choose for the next semester, and plenty of other, more personal things to worry about both financially and concerning family. I'm not intending on leaving the site—just giving myself time to breathe and reprioritize.

If I'm in a roleplay with you and multiple others, please feel free to keep going without me. If my character is essential for the plot, I'm giving you permission to play them until I return on the condition you don't use them anywhere else or claim to own them (not that I think anyone will; it's just a precaution). If I promised to draw one of your characters, your character will still be drawn and posted to you when I return. And if we're in a one-on-one, I'll have to ask for your patience! You're more than welcome to have someone else replace me if we're in the early stages. For anyone else, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.