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Hello everyone, I'm Andrew. Some of you know me from /r/worldbuilding as /u/drusepth and some of you know me from a myriad of other writing/worldbuildings sites I frequent. I started building a few years ago just for myself, and decided last year to turn it into a site for everyone and, well, here's where we're at now!

I'm always happy to chat with anyone and look forward to meeting everyone! :)

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Hi fellow worldbuilders, you can call me Vexillologist.

I'm currently working on a High Fantasy world with new religions and lots of different forms of magic!
I hope we can all use this forum well for our activities!

Philip Fagbeyiro

I'm Philip
Been worldbuilding since I was 12 without realizing it was a real thing.
Just three months on
Its been very useful in organizing my stuff since I'm usually disorganized.


Well since I'm here and playing around, I thought I might as well start here. Never GM'ed a game, never thought about GMing anything, but I just cant get this world building fantasy out of my head and so, started looking for ways to document what I come up with.

I am not a user of Redit, but when google tells me it may have an answer I'm looking at, I will cruise over to the site, so I don't know the correct terminology. However, I did find this site via the /r/RPG pages by a user called /u/EvilVegan (what a name!).

They asked if there was any suggestions on what people use for a "campaign tracker", or more to the point, a lite edition of one, /u/helloeleeoh suggested this site, and my quick look at the main page saw me, tentatively creating a account.

With having very low social skills, and little confidence that "I can do this," I'm mostly just looking for a way to get the ideas that I think about out of my mind, and put down somewhere. So we will see if this place is something I personally can do that with.

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@GayKiwi If you ever need help with GM-ing, let me know. I've been working on a campaign for a few friends for years and It's about ready to be launch. I'm having a little trouble with the last quarter or so of it, but considering how much we have to play through in order to get to that point I think it'll be okay.


Hey there I'm Nico! I've just gotten through a pretty bad bought of depression that wrecked my creative output. (Part of the reason is that I have a large idea for a book with a complex setting that became too cumbersome to organize) But this site has just sparked my creativity! I'm so excited!!


Hello! I'm Shim. Or Morgan. Either works.

I'm a fantasy writer. I've participated in NaNoWriMo… six times, I think? Only won once.
I've been working on this big project about Oracles for a couple years now, and world-building is…not one of my strong suits. (Neither are plots, though, oops.)
I do already try to organize all of my information in Scrivener (love that program), but I'm always trying to find better ways of organizing/helping me with my world-building, so I'm excited to play around with this site. Cheers!


Hi, I'm Snazz. I joined just now. I just feel like this is a nice spot to jot down little ideas for all the stories I have going in my head. This seems more casual than toyhouse and things like that so I like it.
I love OCs and original words so it'll be fun to see what other people create as well!


Hello! I'm James - y'all can call me OMNI if you'd like. I'm actually a musician currently making tunes at »> - I'd like to actually sit down and work on a project that involves a world I created, and I think this is a great tool to do that. Also I just have a million ideas in my head for world building and I'd love to see what other people have created! Happy writing! <3


Hey, I'm Chris. A friend recommended this website for us to keep track of everyone and where we came from. Suffering from DID makes it hard to keep track of everyone, and since many of us finding writing as comforting and reliefing, I decided to make an account. It should also help us keep track of our Host's many stories and AUs, which he was making since he was a child.


Hello! I'm Chibi. Saw this on tumblr and thought I could drop right in. This is a nice place to have a bit of outline when making a story. Hopefully, it would push me more to not be so lazy about it. XD;;


Howdy howdy! I'm Spaceman and I found via a writing thread on a different online forum while people were suggesting writing sources. My current project is an urban fantasy setting and I hope this place can help me organize my stuff better.


Hi, I'm Jarhara and I've been working on this military sci-fi drama for what feels like forever. I'm here on recomandation of a tumblr-friend and I hope this will help me focus my worldbuilding to things that I'll actuelly going to need when I write.

@Steel-Winged Pegasus

Hi, I'm Steel-Winged Pegasus, or Helen, when you get to know me well enough! I've just started up worldbuilding for one of my stories again, and I found this via Tumblr post. I'm notorious for being pretty disorganized, and so far it looks like this site's helping me get my stuff together! Even have the site bookmarked right on my favorites bar on my web browser!


Also new, also from Tumblr, you can follow me there, but I don't post a lot about writing on Tumblr. I mostly keep to myself and don't share much about my writing. I've been using Google Docs for world building, but thought I would try this out and see how I like it! I write fiction, from fantasy to supernatural thriller and have two main projects at the moment (but, like, tons of others that I'm not prioritizing).

I used to role-play a lot, haven't done it since high school, but would be willing to try again with the right writing partner!

I also have ADD and depression, so writing can be incredibly hard for me.

(Always wanting to talk about my OCs.)


Hi, I go by Fallyn online. I've had characters and a complex magical world based on our own in my head for 4 years now and I think this might be a really good place to get them in some semblance of order.


Yes hello ! I’m Jai (pronouced like jay), and I keep having new ideas while in the middle of writing for one idea (nano was Rough for me).
I’m currently in the middle of 3 ideas; one about the Void, one about a mob boss, and another about a place worse then hell.
I can’t stop making pinterest boards and playlists instead of Actually Writing, so hopefully this will help me actually put down important info !

Feel free to shot me a message for anything, including but not limited to yelling about your oc, and how you had a plot at some point but it ran away.


Hello… I'm Romione. I'm working on the skeleton for a book I plan on writing and just getting everything in order for it. Not really sure if it's considered sci-fi or fantasy… But I hope people like it. Someday I may even publish it! I wish I could draw so that I could draw my characters but unfortunately no such luck. I am very into Harry Potter and Star Wars. Just an fyi. Thanks for reading my little blurb!

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Hello, I'm Silver! I've been writing about a gigantic sci-fi/fantasy universe for about a year now, and I hope that this site will help me organize my thoughts. I found this site through tumblr, and was exited, because I'd been looking for a site like this for awhile now.


Hi! I'm Ally. I had a weird idea for a story that evolved from there and now I'm trying to write a book. I saw this site online a week or so ago, and decided to make an account. I'm finally able to keep track of all my characters, which is really helpful. The book I'm working on is fantasy fiction, if I had to pick a genre. Thanks for taking time to read about me!