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I am sick! Yay.
I have bad throat, bad nose, and bad stress because I was supposed to go to work today and I did not, and I have to work Tuesday and I probably cannot, and it's frustrating because Tuesdays are about the one day I'm REALLY needed, not just 'nice to have around'
Anyay, Imma try to get to you all tomorrow, I promise <3 If I don't reply by Wednesday with no update, please feel free to bump our rp, I may just not have it up.


Definitely don't worry about it here. I totally understand!
Try drinking tea, and get some rest! Ice cream is good too. It feels nice, at least.


Thank-you guys! I already feel much better today, thankfully <3
Actually, yeah, ice cream was the biggest help. I had mint, and it was soooo cooling <3