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I need some ironic "just desserts" punishments for something I'm working on.

Here's an example of what I mean:

  • A girl who struggled to lose weight becomes full of herself and fat-shames another person. Someone finds a picture of her pre-weight loss and posts it around the school. However, that's not where her punishment ends. She gains a ton of weight overnight and wakes up to find herself obese.

To clarify:
I think that it's a just outcome in a piece of fiction for her. The being responsible for the sudden overnight weight gain is gonna be killed off. The girl will work to lose the weight again, and also learn that it's wrong to body-shame others as a result.


Someone who was poor for their childhood suddenly comes into some money, whether through inheritance, luck, or even their own hardwork. However, similarly to the fat-shaming girl in your example, this person develops a more haughty view of their own self and looks down on those with less money than them. An unfortunate event causes them to lose everything they had, and then end up right back at square one… maybe even finding themselves in need of help from the people they treated as inferior.