forum I'm,,, going to lose it
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@Everyone else I'm rping with/in regular contact with

Guess who's school blocked notebook? Guess who basically lost their main way of communicating with people for at least half a year?? Guess who's literally this close to stabbing someone!!!
also I'm looking into ways to move out of my house with my parents, after we get me off metformin and onto the Pill and get me testing for mental illnesses, and if everything doesn't magically fix itself after that in a few months I get to move the hell out


Oh, Swim, I'm so sorry :( does this mean you're leaving for a while?

My parents blocked Notebook at my house, which is why I'm only active for a little while in the evenings, since I can only access it on my phone. So…I kinda get what's going on. I'm really sorry

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I get why they did it, school is for school not dealing with your mental health or having breakdowns
But just because they took away the first way it sure as hell won't lower the amount of times I have the second. If any of will only increase

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Make sure your safe. We’d rather lose contact with you than put you through an unhealthy mental and emotional strain just so we can still talk to you. And I hope your living situation gets better. I’m also trying to find a better place to live, so I understand that pain.


I get that, I really do. I wish I knew how to help you. I'm really bad at comforting people, I'm sorry, just… know that we care and that I don't mind waiting for however long I have to

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I hope things get better too, really. Even if I don't manage to get out early, I'll be able to move out on the thirty-first of August next year, and I know people who I could stay with while I finished highschool. Really, notebook has been the one place I've been able to come to to relieve my strain, but that probably won't be happening much now.
Thank you, so much. It means a lot to know people would actually care if I disappeared

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Of course we would care. You’re a great friend to so many of us. And I’m sure there are people like me who you and a few other people on Notebook are our few friends. You’ll always be missed. hugs


To echo what other people have been saying, take care of yourself before anything else Swim. We’re all pretty patient and we don’t want to put any stress on you. I hope things get better for you, you’re really cool and I love talking and rping with you. Stay safe, okay?

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This all means so much to me…
You guys are all amazing friends to me, and I'm so sorry our time together is going to be cut so much. Hopefully, though, I won't be disappearing completely…
And I'll be sure to stay as safe as I can <3

@saor_illust school


please stay safe !!!!
and good luck-
i'm sorry we don't talk much/aren't very close but just know i consider you a friend and will be here if you need anything alright?

as always, stay safe, don't forget to eat and hydrate, and try not to die !!!
love you lots fren ! <3

and good luck with moving out !!!! i wish you the best with getting out of that environment-


Oh no, I'm sorry they did that… don't worry about us, make sure you're okay first. We'll definitely miss you, but your safety and mental health is more important. Take care of yourself!

Tbh if you really really need to talk to someone at some point I can dm you my phone number, maybe it's naive but I really trust you and I mean I'll be at home for at least a month so I'll be pretty available. Of course no pressure lol, I get it if you don't completely trust someone on the internet offering a phone number

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thank you guys so much for the offers… I don't really check my emails enough to sustain a conversation, but I'm open to Google docs. And I'm honored you guys would trust me with your phone numbers 😳 I'll take you up on it if things get worse, but I'll probably just be texting because talking in general on the phone is scary and makes me anxious