forum I feel like i need to go to a mental hospital but i'm worried i'm just over reacting or my parents would disagree
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I am under the age of 16 so I am not able to check myself in to a hospital, my parents need to do that for me. I have ptsd and really bad depression and anxiety though I am undiagnosed in all 3. Hospitals are always viewed very bad or traumatic as far as I have heard and no one wants to go to one. I feel like I may need to but I might just be over reacting. I am also scared my parents wont let be or will tell me I don't want to. I tried hinting at it earlier saying I wanted a break from the world and I wanted to be able to calm down but my mom didn't seem to notice. I know no one here knows what things are like for me but I would like some opinions on whether I should bring it up or not or if it even would be a good decision. I do know of a place near were I live but the reviews are all either 5 stars or 1 star so I don't know if it is a good place. Also I do think it might be beneficial for me to be unable to self harm but is that even a good enough reason to want to go? (This is a somewhat spur of the moment thing but I have been thinking about it for a couple days.) Also if I do end up going does anyone have any tips, advice, warnings or items I should bring? If people could give me some advice that would be amazing, I've been having a really hard time with this.

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Honey, I’m sorry you have to be going through that. I personally am constantly on the edge of going to a mental hospital myself, but I’m also terrified of them, so I can’t really help you ther. But I do have a friend who has been in one once or twice and I’ll see if I can get them to talk with you. Alright?

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If it's an emergency and you're at risk of dying or having suicidal thoughts that you're considering acting on, or you're at risk of causing serious harm to yourself and others, mental hospital is the way to go.
But if it's not an emergency, you should really see about visiting a psychologist instead, because there you might be able to get an actual diagnosis without being, you know, hospitalized.
Either way, it's a process. Time in a mental hospital is not going to instantly fix everything.
I've never been in one so I can't offer much help there.
Also, a lot of people say they want a "break from the world." I don't think your mom was being dismissive necessarily. She just genuinely might not know what you in particular meant by it. Sometimes you have to be explicit, be deliberate. Say you've been struggling with your mental health for a while and you need help asap. From there, you and your folks can decide what the best course of action is.

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i do self harm sometimes but i don't know if it's really an emergency plus i would have to tell my parents, i'm also scared of going to the place i would probably go to because half the people who've gone are saying it's great and the other half said it's terrible.


it probably honestly depends on how you act in the hospital. a lot of people who claim they had horrible experiences weren't great patients, though obviously there's some merit to horror stories. though with those, it's safe to assume 'if everyone is saying its bad, its bad. but if half the people say its good, it probably doesnt suck'

all i really know is, you can get involuntarily hospitalized due to being an obvious threat to yourself or others, which usually happens at the direction of a psychiatrist, but can happen if you're arrested for something. i am not suggesting you do anything to get arrested and hospitalized though. i really think you need to tell your parents, and stress how serious it is to you

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^^^ Especially since you said you're under 16. If something happens and you do need to go to a hospital, it's better that your parents at least know that something is wrong and don't react incorrectly.

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I just talked to my mom about it after having a fairly bad panic attack at the doctor's and she's proud of me asking her about it and is going to try to help