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Hi!! Ok so if you’re not familiar with me move on, or don’t I don’t care. I’m Orion! I keep deleting my accounts becos mental health but I’m doing better and hopefully will be doing better to stay! I’m a roleplayer and frankenfanboy with a crush on Mary Shelley and apparently a partner now?? One who DOESN’T like fiction books?? Wow how did I land a dummy thicc hottie who doesn’t share any of my interests? Love ‘em tho. Anyways I’m probably going to be very active in roleplaying, be warned I often drop off the face of the earth sometimes so if I’m not responding to an rp I’ll either answer eventually if you bug me enough or I’ll drop the rp because I’m overwhelmed and that’s just something y’all need to deal with. Have fun trying to get rid of me, I aten’t dead!! Blame @captain-vimes for that reference I stg buddy I’m not ok anymore since you introduced me to Sir P. Anyways have fun watching me crags and burn as well. See y’all.