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Hey everyone, I've got a couple things to say to you guys. First of all, HI! How are all of you? It's been what three, four months. How've you been? Hopefully well.
Second of all, I'm back but only a little bit. I won't be on very often for multiple reasons. One reason is because of my summer job. I buck hay for people over the summer and it's a go whenever and wherever they need me. Really random and lots of hard work. Another reason is that I'm trying to ease my way back into all of the social medias. Because I've stayed far away from them for several months I missed quite a bit. So we're gonna try and catch up with everything. Please don't bum rush me with everything! Please and thank you.
Third of all, this is a temporary return. This year is going to be my senior year in school and I'm going to be focusing on it quite a lot. Which gives me about two months, maybe less depending. Two months until school starts. After school ends and I have graduated I will have to really say goodbye. The big reason that this is a temporary return is because I will be leaving for boot camp after I graduate. If all goes well I will have already left by this time next year. Once I leave you're not likely to hear from me for almost six years due to boot camp and then my first term.
What that means is that I pretty much have two months to hang with you guys and be a doofus with all of you.

But enough about all that stuff. I'm back! I have returned to all of you rejuvenated and ready to give all of you all the hugs in the world. And then I look at the time and it's midnight so not many of you are likely to be awake, but hey if you are, at least I'm not the only one that has a completely terrible sleep schedule. So much has changed in the last few months and I can't wait to catch up with you all, but for the moment I gotta go… probably not actually sleep for another two three hours… Healthy life choices people! Healthy life choices.I'm rambling now because I don't know how to segway into posting this so here we go.

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I don't know you but welcome back! We're glad to have you!


@the_wild_warrior and I will proudly thank you for your service after you’ve returned