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@Elder-God-Whisper work

Old man here, (meaning I joined in 2018, I’m only 20 y.o.-) trying to remember to come check on Notebook, but I’m having trouble remembering this site exists since I no longer have any active RPs on here. 🥲Come one come all, and I’ll tell you of the olden days of /hj (aka listen to my dumb nostalgia 😂)

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Dude I can barely keep up with three 😭

Don’t feel too bad about it, I dropped out of High School and got a GED. XD Notebook was also my hyperfixation at the time, and it was one of the only things giving me dopamine. I do miss many of them though. There’s a water goddess I want to redo but with an androgynous water deity. But lord knows I’m afraid of writing with new people XD


To be fair, I think we all fear writing with the new people XD
Or maybe I'm just a jaded old woman who checks join dates before interacting to judge expectations-

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Yeah, I dropped out, got a GED, tried starting college in the beginning of the pandemic, dropped out and now I’m back in college to get a medical field certification (which is going decently enough) and am gonna get married after I graduate then move to another country (Because I’d rather not stay in a country ranked second tier by the Social Progress Index o_o)

Also when people you don’t want to RP with pop up asking to join you start sweating trying to figure out how to politely turn them down O_o

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Oh yeah, also I dropped out of high school after sophomore year because they tried telling me I hadn’t done enough homework for social studies to pass even though I passed the Regents Exam with flying colors 🤣 The education system is BS

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Lol I’m actually marrying one of my best friends for the benefits and convenience. XD I still love them to death but shit’s a bit more complicated than a normal marriage but also simpler at the same time.

And yeah, it’s a lot of memorizing of dumb stuff just to store it away until finals 😂It’s a rough time, especially in college when you have tests every other week o_o

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Not me who also dropped out of high school at the beginning of the pandemic (unintentionally skipped a week of attendance when I essentially had an exemption from attendance)

Also I still have like, a dozen rps going. At least. They going slow, but they going nonetheless.

@Elder-God-Whisper work

Honestly, just focus on one week at a time. Only pay attention to the syllabus if you need to know what’s due that week. If you start stressing out about everything else before it’s actually an issue you’re gonna break down. Also make sure you ask questions, even if you think they’re stupid. Nobody is gonna care and likely, other people are gonna have the same “stupid” question