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Uh- hey everyone! It's me, Vulcan. I'm back for the time being and I can't believe how long it's been since I was on here. For context, I finally left home back in August. Uhm… And I was on my own. I didn't have access to a computer, and I was in a massive writing slump. I missed being here, I missed being able to chat with the beloved people of notebook.
In February, some shit happened, and I'm still recovering from that. But, I'm here. I'm home

If there are any rps that we had that you'd like to continue, let me know or just tag me. Say hi if you want!



From what I remember, we had rps together. So… hi. Let me know if you would like to continue!


Vulcan!!!! Welcome back!!!!

If you're up to it, I would love to continue our RP.

And I believe Orion is back, sporadically. I think their new tag is @orion-lying… Let me know if I'm wrong.


Hey Vuclan! Welcome, glad to see you're back!

We did have an rp together a while back that I can bump if you're still interested in continuing. I understand if not since it was slow paced. Let me know, i'd more than happy to continue!


Welcome back, Vulcan!!! yes Orion is here, and Fanfictionfanatic tagged him :)

do you want to continue our three RPs? bc i'd love to if you're up for it

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Hey! It's good to see you're doing okay still! Welcome back to the party!

It seems you've already got quite a bit to get back to but, whenever you like, I'd love to continue our RP as well!


Welcome back it’s great to see you!! I’ll have to dig to see what we had going together, but if you have the energy and time, I would love to start our rp up again!

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Do you want to continue our supervillains RP in DMs?


Hi everyone!!!! I've missed all of you so much!!!! I'll probably get to replying to everyone tonight and tomorrow! I missed all of you so much and I'm so glad to be back!


Vulcan!!! I am so late to the party I'm glad your back and would love to pick/start an rp. Cause I know we had one, but I don't remember what!


It's all good! I'm so glad to be back! Coming back is going to be a little rocky, since I'm still getting adjusted to my schedule, and work has been crazy as of late, but once I figure something out, I'll be back in full swing!


Love how I say I'm back and then disappear for three months- Sorry about that guys! I'm juggling like- three jobs and I finally figured out a way to get a few days off- I'm so tired lmao