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I ran a absolutely terrifying house when is was in adventure princesses (I was like 8 or 9 at the time). We had no makeup of costumes of effects but we scared the shit out of some girls. We turned off all the lights and had people hiding. One person was in all black and had black sheets so they sat on their bed and would shake the latter as hard as possible everytime a group passed by. (We did it small group by small group cus the adults didn't want us to do this so we lead them in a circle and let them in and out through the same door.) We had two people sitting on the floor at the end of the hall and playing patty cake while singing creepy nursery rhymes. Also we had my flashlight on a hook to give us a little light to work with. But the thing is, my flashlight was broken and went out whenever I dropped it. So we had a girl up on my bed (mine was closest to the doorway where we had it) and they would make it gently swing and once the group when past they would knock it off the hook and hide under a blanket sleeping bag(so they wouldn't see that a person did it). The flashlight would fall, make a loud noise when it hit the floor, then turn off. Leaving us in the pitch dark. We then had girls under bunks grabbing people's ankles and I'm pretty sure we had a girl with (fake)blood in her mouth so when she smiled it would drip out (I think she might of been standing in front of the patty cake girls). It was awesome.