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@Eli-the-transboi group

Cause let’s face it- if we all are making such traumatized characters- we probably need some therapy-

This chat’s just for advice and to help each other! Share ideas or comfort one another when needed. It’s free therapy! Be nice and accepting of everyone who enters this chat or don’t enter chat at all. This is a safe place for no harsh judgement. Feel free to info dump as well here! Or just come to rant!

Anyway nice to meet you all! I’m Eli and I use he/him pronouns! How are you?

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Hello I'm open to talk here as well but probably won't be sharing my own experience, I love to help though ^^

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yes as in not good (?) (sorry im a little stupid lol)

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how are you doing is such a broad question. How am i doing rn in this very moment? not good. how am i doing over all? I have no idea!! How is my mental health doing? It is in hospital bedrest and on life support. How am i reflecting the badness of my not ok ness???? I"M NOT

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did something happen? (you don't have to share if you wouldn't feel comfortable saying)