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Hey y'all! Basically, I'm looking to do more roleplays, and this seems like a good way to go about it
Here, you can request to do a roleplay with me (offering ideas is appreciated aha), talk about a current roleplay we're in (if you'd like, or could be a request to reboot an old one), brainstorm characters/plots, etc

Some Tropes/General Things I Like

  • Found Family (I like playing younger characters)
  • Fluff/Angst
  • Fantasy/Semi Fantasy
  • Groups (similar to found family, and I usually only like group roleplays if the members are active enough to keep it alive ^^;)
  • Romance (straight or LGBTQ is all fine with me, but I can't write smut)
  • Platonic (again, usually works well with found family, but it's generally refreshing to do stuff other than romance every once in a while)

Important Notes

  • I am very active! I'm really only looking for active roleplay partners ^^; I try not to bump too often, but I will usually bump once every two days or so
  • I can not/will not write smut
  • Racism, LGBTQphobia, and general bigotry will not be permitted
  • If you lose interest in a roleplay, for the love of god, tell me. I hate being ghosted, and I'll continue bumping because I'll be holding out hope that maybe you just lost the notification or something. I would much rather you just tell me so we can either reboot it or just let it die.
  • My preferred writing length is about a paragraph, however, I will try and match my partner's writing length to the best of my ability. I can write more or less than a paragraph, but I can't write whole essays for my replies all the time. I'm not a professional writer or anything, and I don't have the time, skills, or energy to be able to spend twenty minutes writing out one reply ^^;
  • On a related note, I don't mind the occasional spelling or grammar error, but please try to be literate/generally understandable in writing ^^;. It's not fun if I'm getting two word responses, or generally replies that are very difficult to respond to due to lack of detail or whatever oof (this does not mean your responses have to be long; I just prefer that I can actually respond to them adfgjjkl)

Some Of My Characters

  • Nathaniel Windsor // Angel // Male (he/him) // Gay // Usually either 8 or 21 // I will not do romance roleplays with him unless he's a teenager or something, as he already has a decided romantic partner as an adult. I likely won't be doing many more roleplays with him because of his decided lore

  • Lloyd Windsor // Angel // Male (he/him) // Asexual // Age varies, but 15-16+ is preferred // I'm more willing to do AU things with Lloyd. He's Nathaniel's older brother
    (Old art 😩)

  • Mordechai Menthi (Mori) // Human // Male (he/him) // Asexual // 7 // Usually in apocalypse settings. Traumatized goth baby, I love him dearly
  • Joiexiel Flixe (Joey) // Angel // Male (he/him) // Gay // Age varies // Joey has anorexia, and angst is very prevalent in roleplays with him. Please do not request a roleplay with him if eating disorders are a trigger for you
  • Pitch [surname undecided] // Human // Male (he/him) // Bisexual // Age varies, but usually a child // Chaos son fueled by rage and sugar. We stan
  • Casper Gibbons (Cas) // Human // Male (he/him) // Gay // Age varies, but usually 15+ // Soft and traumatized, but also angry. Probably won't do a ton of roleplays with him tbh, not a ton of connection
    (Art literally so ancient ugh)
  • Nix Gibbons // Cat boy? // Male (he/him, femboy) // Gay // Cat years vs Human years are confusing. Presents as about 18 or 19 // Technically Cas's emotional support cat turned into a catboy by a god or something. Backstory could be changed some to fit different settings. Kinda stubborn? But naive and soft as well idk. We love him
    (Most of this art is old honestly)
  • Lin Reinard // Human // Male (he/him) // Asexual, Panromantic // Age varies, generally 12-19 // Trauma Backstory with lots of physical abuse/intense physical training. Can be in a realistic or Fantasy setting (all that would change is whether or not he has magic/powers). Also has six siblings that I could be convinced to play in separate roleplays (Kel (male, 7 years older), Friese (male, 4 years older), Anise (female, 2 years older), Luria (female, 2 years younger), Juno (female, 4 years younger), Rem (male, 7 years younger))
  • Corvus Fris (Cori) // Crow avian // Male (he/him) // Sexuality? Probably gay // Age varies, generally late teens/early twenties // Kleptomaniac, loves shiny things, please don't leave him alone he will inadvertently wreak havoc
  • Marius Vikander // Vulpekin (fox hybrid person looking thing basically? Idk man-) // Male (he/him) // Gay // 18 (usually) // Trauma and angsty Backstory involving cannibalism oops
  • Lukas King (Kas, King, any other nickname) // Human // Male (he/him/they) // Bisexual // 13 // Probably some apocalypse stuff aha, idk man. Get this idiot a parental figure, he has no regard for his own safety-

  • I'm also planning on making a webcomic at some point, so I may come up with characters for that which I might want to use in roleplay to get a feel for and attach myself to

That's all I can think of for now, but feel free to ask me other questions!


(Sure! Any ideas? Or do you see one of my characters who particularly interests you? If not, I'm more than happy to make a new one lol (and I have a couple others that I haven't listed))


(Alrighty! Feel free to say whatever ideas you have aha. I don't have a pic of Mako, but I've drawn Mori a couple of times if you'd like to see him ^^)