forum forum game: assess the person's vibe above you
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@tungsten group


like the title!

Someone above you will give their vibe, and you will say "yes I agree and your vibe is also [vibe]" or "no, your vibe is actually [vibe]"

and here's an example if you're confused:

P1: I have the vibes of a cow smoldering in the desert

P2: No, but your vibes are of the sand stuck in my swimsuit after a day at the beach. my vibes are a dragonfruit at the grocery store.


I'll start us out.

I think my vibes are swinging cafe jazz and late night, dark coffee.

@stressed-sock group

I kind of agree - like you have the ~vibes~ of a late afternoon at an old-timey cafe and trying to study but getting easily distracted.

I think my vibes are last-minute studying before a test with lots of panic and tears involved.

Deleted user

I agree with your vibes, you deff have the kinda vibes of sitting on a rooftop in a bright city because your family is too loud when you try and study.

I think my vibes are like the smell of gasoline with dirt stained pastel sweaters and smudged eyeliner. Also waltzing to music in the middle of a field.

@tungsten group

You're the vibe of flaming strife after a big argument, where you know you're in the right, but you're also that physical anger– shit strewn about everywhere, things destroyed.

Another vibe of mine I like to think of is playing an instrument in the rain. It's bad for the instrument but the background rainfall and the soft sweetness of the music? mm

@MJ-the-Larcenist-Arsonist group

mmmm yeah, I also get a lot of mist and fog from you. Maybe a noir city with rain and fog with some jazz music playing in the background

For me? I think I got industrial greyscale cities with pops of scarlet fire and rock music faintly playing in the back

Deleted user

Sorry mate, I'd think I'd have to disagree. Your vibes are more like someone sitting in a college library with classic rock blaring from your headphones as you read sapphic poems.

Another one of my viberonis is probably sitting alone in a movie theatre watching a show that no one cares about just to not be around people.


honestly i agree lmao, maybe some atlas side project vibes too

i think my vibes are sitting under the stars listening to ibrahim's recent album and planning the destruction of capitalism

@MJ-the-Larcenist-Arsonist group

hmmmm yes. but you also give me frog and worm on a string vibes while plotting stuff in a florescent green journal labeled "diabolical plans"

I also think that some of my vibes are sitting on a bench waiting for a bus while rain falls around me listening to some Linkin Park with my guitar case next to me


i agree, you also kinda give me blasting music on the highway in the middle of the night vibes

i think my vibes are biking around town on a windy afternoon

@Tidermelon group

Yeah, I totally agree! The feel of the breeze in your hair as you cycle down the neighborhood, the grey, lazy clouds abovehead as the pine trees wave on either side… That’s the vibe I get from you.

Personally, I think my own vibe is like a summer afternoon; sunny, warm, comforting. Maybe it gets pigeonholed by the clouds every once in a while, but that thing’s gonna be shining brightly for a long time. Oh, yeah, and also, pop music. And maybe some competitive Pokémon.

@MJ-the-Larcenist-Arsonist group

OoOOooOOO yes you do give off lots of those vibes but also staying for hours in your favorite coffee shop or like corner italian restaraunt and just typing away on your laptop or tapping away on your phone when it's cold outside and you don't wanna walk home cuz cold

I think some of my own vibes are sitting on the roof of a skyscraper, laying on my back and stargazing while the sounds of nighttime traffic and the bright lights below lull me to sleep

@Pizzazz11 group

I believe for that to mostly be true, but there's also a bit of hyperactiveness and lots of coffee, or energy drinks. I'm just imagining you, on top of a skyscraper, sipping coffee/energy drinks but falling asleep anyways

For me I think I give off the vibes of staying up all night, drinking mountain dew and imagining character after character for a single story. Possibly a bit of chilling by the campfire and listening to Alt-indie