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I came up with a game:
We start with a cursed and/or amusing image, everybody who wants to participate captions the image. When everybody's submitted a caption, Dom chooses the funniest, and the winner chooses the next image.

You can only submit 1 caption.
Don't reuse images, please and thanks!
Dom reigns supreme over this game, his word is law.
Don't quote the image you're captioning, this is just to keep the chat from clogging up.
Keep any captions that could be potentially triggering in a spoiler tag!
Be a decent human being, please.
Of course, please don't submit captions after the submissions have been closed!
Have fun!

The first image:
2008 LEGO Ron Weasley Ron Weasley (Gryffindor Stripe Torso, LF) - LEGO Harry Potter  Figure: Everything Else

Let the games begin!