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Hey guys, I'm sorry for all the random disappearances recently and I'm sad to say that this will go on for a little longer. Unfortunately I've had some issues with my jaw (been a continuous problem in the last four months but it's gotten worse in the past week) and haven't had the energy to come on (school hasn't helped either). I might be having surgery in the next couple of days to try and fix what's going on. Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can because I miss you all but have neither the time nor strength to come online and reply to everyone. I promise I'm not abandoning you!

Love you all <3



Jeez I’m so sorry to hear that you have that going on, that sounds painful :/
Please take as long as you need to rest and recover, we’ll all still be here when you’re ready to come back.
Love you, I hope you feel better <3

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ohh dont worry about it !!! please take your time, rest and don't strain yourself.
i hope the surgery goes well and the pain eases soon. take it easy, okay? :)


Like everyone else has said, don't worry about being away! What's important is that you can heal and get back to feeling healthy and happy!!


Just wanted to pop in real quick - having surgery on Friday this week, things should get back to normal in a week or two. Thanks for being patient it means a lot <3