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@Seeba groupINKC President

I am looking for,, moots,,,

Mines @SEEBAWASTAKEN (no, not a dream team reference Seeba was literally not available)

I post mostly bullshit, fics, art and Haikyuu so idk weather that catches your interest.

Anyway see you on the cursed app that is the big blue bird.

@Mojack groupawooga moment

Cursed bird app
@Catdragon1011 is mine, I mostly rt stuff like art, silly pictures and cats with the occasional tweet but that’s it

@Seeba groupINKC President

I've been kinda thinking about making a twitter- do u think it's helpful for writers or nah?

Yeah, I think it's helpful! It's A bit chaotic and people look for reasons to bully you, but if you be nice and remain passive you should get along nicely with most people :)

Comes with lots of cool ideas and pics of writing, esp on fandomtwt xx

@Seeba groupINKC President

I might drop my @, but in all honestly, I doubt anyone would want to follow me.

I'm following everyone on this thread!

@Starry-Dreams ac_unit

Interesting. . .

If anyone wants to follow me, I'm @Sour_Lemon_Drop (I feel like I might change the @ soon, tho). I have some things I stan on my bio. There's a lot I like that wouldn't be able to fit in the bio. Currently, there's more retweets than me actually tweeting because I was taking a break, but eh.

I post whatever photos I take on my switch, fanom related stuff, some interesting/fun facts/sad facts about real life people or about history. I might start posting Among Us things, because it is great. I will RT art, tweets from celebrities, tumblr memes, incorrect quotes and other stuff.