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Sure! I have ADHD inattentive, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (I don't have the subconscious ability to read nonverbal cues, body language, or tonal cues), and 70% hearing loss in my right ear! I can and will happily chat about these things for hours!

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I have ADD, depression, anxiety, OCD restless leg syndrome (probably) and like 50 other things. Life sucks!

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Diagnosed ADHD, undiagnosed autism and a bunch of sound related sensory problems that cause me a lot of issues.

That last part causes me many problems cause I work fast food and the amount of timers we have is hell

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Oh ADHD and ADD are the same thing actually - there's three different types though. and that's really strange that your teachers won't tell you! Can I ask where you're from? I lived in the USA and there I got diagnosed with ADHD and told what that means by the doctor /gen /nbr

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Well I live in Indiana and my doctors are… How do I put this nicely, not the smartest people. So they told be I have both ADD and ADHD so.. Yeah 😅
And then I'm not even sure why they won't tell me what is wrong with me so 🤷‍♀️

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Oh hey I lived in Indiana! I was in Westfield, hbu? i NEVER meet fellow Hoosiers. And okay, those doctors are horrible. If you want, I can tell you more about them [ADHD/ADD] in DMs? /gen /jw

and that they won't even tell you what that means is horrid too! But nothing's wrong with you, your brain simply works differently than someone else's brain.

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Hi! lol I live near Vigo county in the country don't really feel like I should put my Town name, but hi! I agree Hoosier doctor's are not the greatest lol
And actually that would be great I could start a pm if you'd like.