forum Describe a moment when your life felt like a movie
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I just watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower (which is so good btw, it's iconic, you should go watch it) and I was struck with how bad I want my life to be like that. We've all had moments that felt unreal, though, like they belong in a movie, so tell me one of yours!

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Uh when me and my fiancé finally admitted our feelings for each other. We were out on an inlet in Alaska (where we used to both live) and he cut the engine and was like I have to ask you a serious question and he was like come here. So of course I did, and he grabbed my jacket picked me up and held me over the side of the boat and was like please for the love of god admit your feelings I can't read hints. So I told him everything and his face kept changing and he kept getting happier and happier until I wad like yeah I love you, he was so excited he dropped me into the water and then fell in himself. We swam back to the boat got in, and motored around the inlet and got hot cocoa, and later that night we just watched the Northern lights together, finally realizing that we both had found our home. 🙃 (No one was hurt, and I'm not in a bad relationship, we just mess with each other a lot. He's never laid a hand on me. And he never will. He's a big ole teddy bear.)

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That's so sweettt!!!! I guess I should share one of mine, huh? One time I spent the night with my friend for her birthday. We went out for donuts in the middle of the night. I just remember her mom's bright yellow truck, and us blasting country music on the way there. We had our windows down and there was seven of us crammed into that truck made for five. We were all yelling the lyrics to the songs and laughing, it was amazing.