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^What the title suggests. I had a few people I wanted second opinions on; I'll get to posting those as soon as I get around to it. Everyone else, feel free to exchange questions and advice here!

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Alright! So! I need to get 2 gifts for my brother bc he has his birthday and Christmas coming up. He's about to turn 15.
I can't really buy him any clothing items (except maybe a t-shirt) because I don't have a good read on his style, plus he's really tall and lanky so sizing is hard.
I asked him if there was anything in particular he wanted, and he said not really.
He plays a lot of video games, but there's not anything out that he wants right now, except a new headset, which I think my parents are getting him (and I'm also not dishing out $50+ when I'm a temp at my job lmao).
He's also into sports- especially baseball.
Like I have loose ideas of things he likes, but I swear he's so hard to buy for.
He's not super into any shows or movie franchises. It's really mostly video games, a lot of which are hard to find merch for. So I'm at a loss, just a little.

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I feel that; my sister is super hard to buy for too.
Baseball hats are nice; unfortunately official ones can be pricey but they should be easy to find. There's also a type of gum called Big League Chew that's modeled after the chewing tobacco that players used to chew, if he's a gum guy.
If he reads at all, baseball has some interesting figures. My personal favorites are the Rockford Peaches.
Depending on his gaming system, you might be able to get him some sort of gift card to put towards a new release he wants.


my brother is a gamer and he loves it when i get him funko pops for video game characters he likes. gamestop often has a like two/three for twenty bucks sale around this time, so if that's something he'd like, there's an option.

etsy can also have some cool game merch that's like, home made, but if you're purchasing from out of state there's no guarantee it'll get there before christmas. i bough i pendant at the end of november and it's still not here.

definitely cool hats if he likes those, be it baseball caps or even like, hot topic game merch ones. i think those exist.