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I had an idea for a writing game!

Basically you come up with a prompt on your own and your write a short snippet of that prompt without giving away any part of the prompt. So for example, if your prompt was something like:

A child eating an ice cream and watching another child get ki*napped

You couldn't use the word kidnapped or ice cream in your snippet because it would give too much away.


  • a minimum of 3 guesses, it isnt fun if the person reveals the answer without any guesses
  • a maximum of 10 guesses, it also isn't fun if it takes for ever to get the answer.
  • snippet must be at least 3 sentences, not counting any dialog. This is to give some context
  • please have fun! I thought this was a cool idea and I hope you guys see it that way too!


I really like this!! It's actually an excellent writing challenge to not give away the prompt but still make it clear enough! That said I have no idea how I did so, yeah

He slid into the kitchen, tapping happily on the fridge before pulling it open. He pulled out his ingredients and spread them out on the counter. Sliding a pan onto the stove, he set an orange slice to melt and popped another whole wheat slice into the slot in the corner, increasing the setting on the dial. As he set a tablespoon of butter in with the bubbling orange slice, an loud bang came from the corner, and heat reached up towards the walls to the sound of strident ringing.

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A character is making caramelized oranges and toasting bread, but the toaster explodes, setting off the fire alarm??

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It was a cool day, the trees either bare of color or aflame with it. He swept the crimson and gold foliage along the ground with a worn broom, scarred hands clad with snug fingerless gloves, and breathed in the crisp air. The path now cleared, he took up the broom in one hand and adjusted his scarf with the other before walking up the path back to his cottage, a warm abode full of the comforts of home. Slipping through the door, he set the broom aside and slipped out of his cloak and scarf, placing them on a nearby chair. He was at peace, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them again.
The air was stale, a permanent metallic tang hanging around him, and the surroundings dark.
He was awake again.


This sentence:

The air was stale, a permanent metallic tang hanging around him, and the surroundings dark.

Made me think he was trapped behind some sort of metal bars that why he was smelling the metallic scent


Ok, here's mine

Min fell to his knees and clutched the shirt of the woman infront of him. "Please, you have to save them! I did everything you asked! Please! They're all i have lef–" Min's voice faded. He looked down to see red seeping through his shirt. "W-why? Th-they were yours too." He managed then fell to the ground, writhing. "Clean this up, we need to secure the assets." A feminine voice said in a crystal clear voice before heels clicked down the hall.