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I routinely get obsessed with a new creature.
You probably have at least a favourite animal, if not a creature that is just glorious and amazing and everYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT IT

This is a place to share that obsession! If it's beautiful, link a pic if possible. If it's cool, fork over a fact. If you just want to post "I like dolphins", there you go. I did it for you.

I'll start. The Abraliopsis squid. Gorgeous, gorgeous creature.

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(Yes! I love animals. And that squid is cool, I’ll have to research that one later)

I love the Vampire Squid. They are small, deep sea dwellers, and they don’t have ink. Instead, they have spikes on the insides of their arms, and they curl up into an inside-out ball, which exposes the spikes, to protect themselves.

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I do too!
Lmao, the one I did was the vampire squid, at least the scientific name-ish, which I think sounds cooler.
It's a bioluminescent version of the species, I think. Or at least closely related.

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Ah, Pfeffer's enope squid

And the Vampire Squid

I think Abraliopsis morisii might be an ancestor. Something like that. Like I said, I’m not sure.

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(They're so cool. They clone themselves - well, kinda - and their "body" is actually hundreds of those clones strung together. They're able to move as one and sens their environment even though they literally don't have a brain cell between the lot of them)

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Woah those siphonophores are cool.

Well, have one from Indonesia, courtesy of my cousins.
Golden lion tamarin. Also known as the cutest orange fluffball possible.

And, of course, this guy.

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I need something to do, so I’m coming back to this. Here’s another favorite of mine. Goliathus Orientalis, aka, a species of Goliath Beetle. Fun fact: Goliath Beetles are the heaviest/bulkiest beetle in the world. Second fun fact: You can keep them as pets.

(These pics are males)