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Idk I'm beyond bored sitting in class so here's this, write something and get advice, anyone is welcome with anything

be respectful, that's all

@IcarusFightsX-mas book

If you're too shy to talk to people then either work on it or own it. and stop obsessing over what u look like, i wore a green hoodie day day, so much the teacher couldn't see me when i changed to navy blue.


yeah honestly no one really cares what you look like, so don't overthink it. Of course all the 'popular' kids might make fun of you, but who cares what they think, they're shallow anyway. I pull up to school looking homeless in sweats like everyday


greetings, being the weird kid is great bc it never gets boring with my friends, I just be weird and they laugh

@DancingWithMyDemons business

Hii, I'm a weirdo. may i join this conversation of absurdity?

Don't let other people make your personality for you. you are who you are and you should never be manipulated into putting a mask on and pretending to be someone els


I honestly kinda just stopped caring, it's none of my business what you think of me so think whatever you want, if you think I'm ugly, well because I kinda am, if you think my hair is weird, well it is, I made the mistake of cutting all my hair off so it does look weird on me. I'm not going to change just because you said so. idk that's how I think