forum actually,,, i left [ previously: Hhhhh smol break time jklfsd ]
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@saor_illust school

Aight I'll give it to yall straight.
Sorry, no reasons or explanations will be given here.
However, if yall are on the Notebook Discord, it's right there in the venting channel.

Ima be taking a smol break from notebook for… reasons that will remain undisclosed on Notebook.
Apologies to anyone I'm rping with currently.
I'll try to get round to our rps when I can. In the meantime, I'll be lurking round the site as a guest, and will stay logged out of Notebook for I don't know how long.

I'll be sure to add on to this thread when I come back, if I remember though.

I love you all and I'll see you all later!!
~Izzy <3

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Ahhhhh bye izzy !! I hope the break helps, I'll miss the heck outta ya my dude ❤❤


Take care of yourself, Izz. I'm more concerned about you, and your life than anything to do with roleplays. Make sure you drink enough water, and take care of yourself. You know we all love you <33


Take care Iz!!! I'll miss you, but irl is most important <3 If you need anything, you can just hmu on discord, I'm here for you <3

@saor_illust school

i just realised that there are rps that perhaps some are in with me and didn't see this thread
so while i'm briefly on bc i had to vent abt smth
hi i'm actually leaving?
i'm sorry you guys TwT
i didn't want it to end like this
perhaps maybe i'll decide to come back
goodbye everyone
thank you for all the good times
and the memories
ily all
stay safe
remember to eat and hydrate
don't die
iz out-