forum 5 People Doing Wacky Stuff In A Public Chat
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come one, come all, come and see the weirdness of my friend group!

the people in this group consist of


and me, @salem66-the-giorno-stan!
(as well as anyone who wants to be in our weird friend group :) the title and @ list will be changed accordingly)

let's do this everyone!

context: we need more people in our friend group, and we also just wanted a public chat where all of us could just do whatever. other than that, there's??? actually not any context at all??????? yipes i guess


Hmm. Maybe we can do an icebreaker for anyone reading this right now.
That's if anyone is reading this right now but y'know. Content is content.

@nebula__ group

i've seen bijuu and manly play that game, it's pretty cool
how about this for size: what is one thing you enjoy more than anything else?


Okay, cool beans. Also, sorry for the late reply.
No matter. I'll ask the first question.
Least favorite Jojo character?