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Karma's Axis. A ship that is no stranger to rumors, though definitely a stranger to those of the good kind. Travelling planet to planet throughout the galaxy is hard enough, but factoring in making a living as convicts, ex and in practice cons, and runaways, is just the icing on the cake.

And being hired to kill the Emperor of an entire solar system, a well known tyrant and powerful force? Life seems like one big joke. But hey, a job is a job, right? And Stars, does this crew need a break.

Squelcome back bitches. I'm here with another rp idea, set in a galaxy far, far away. Actually, it's ours, but hey. What's life without some pizzaz? The rules are simple, and as follows:

  1. No OP characters, or I will yeet your ass outta here before you can say 'this bitch empty'. I can't stand invincible characters, man.

  2. Proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, please. I can get making a few mistakes, when you're tired, or English ain't your first language(It's mine, and even I have my issues), but if it's too common a thing, it irks the hell outta me. Call me a bitch, but hey.

  3. Slurs, homophobia, transphobia, rascism, sexism, anything that ends in -ism and that harms or promotes the harm of other people will not be tolerated. See my first threat.

  4. Hate the character, not the writer. Keeps spats between yourselves, outta my funzone. Also! Shipping is fine, but keep it a mutually okay thing, make sure it ain't abuse and/or creepy, and take smut to the PM.

  5. I have the full right to add and edit this list. I also have the right to boot you if you're causing too many problems.

Roles!(Might be added upon. Remember, your characters are allowed skills and things outside the basic role, that's just why they were hired):

Captain: @CW-ShadeStar
Right Hand: @Qxeenscryche
Grease Monkey: Yours truly.
Hacker: @IHaveADamProblem
Cook: @Spider_Gwen_Needs_Sleep

Temp if anyone's interested.

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May I? And I want to be the Hacker, if that’s okay. Although I’m going to be super busy today, so I’ll post my character tommorow if I can’t find time for it today.

(Also english is my second language, but feel free to tell me if I make any mistakes in the grammar or use of words. I want to learn, so… yeah.)


Race(As in, human/alien hybrid, just human, what kind of alien):
Powers(If applicable):
Weapon/s(If applicable):
Backstory(+Why they were hired):


Name: Valeria Martín
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Human, possible alien ancestry.
Powers: Any o' y'all know Shigaraki from BNHA? Kinda like that. If she presses her hand to something and activates the power, she can turn it to dust, basically. Her robotic arm amplifies this ability on a catastrophic level, but makes it even harder to control.
Appearance: Dark black hair, with small strands of natural silver. A chunk in the front is almost completely gray,
as a product of stress. She keeps it cut short, but just long enough to pull back into a short ponytail. She's about 5'8 and well muscled, but incredibly good at squeezing her way into the inner bowels of the ship to fix things up. Olive toned skin, and olive green eyes, leaning a bit more towards gray. Her right arm is a robotic prosthetic with a full range of motion, and the scars are visible where it was attached to her shoulder. Has a set of long, jagged scars on her abdomen.
Style: Swaps between black cargo pants and black jeans, but the former is definitely her favorite. Black tank tops, often with oil stains, unless she's trying for formal. Her black combat boots, and a navy blue trench coat when she's anywhere besides the ship. Wears a pair of dog-tags on chain, that aren't hers, though it's obvious she was in the military. Her tool belt is a pretty common accessory as well.
Skills: Hand to hand, shooting, combat with weapons, mechanics, high pain tolerance, speaks an unknown, but large, number of languages
Fears: Confined spaces(If they aren't places she knows. Closets are bad, but she can squeeze herself into the engine room without trouble.),
Weapon/s: Her pistol, kept strapped to either her waist or her thigh. Keeps various knives on herself, and her tool belt is a force to be reckoned with in itself.
Backstory: She actually can't remember anything before like midway through her eleventh year. She does know that she was 'rescued' by the commander of the military in the country she supposedly was from, and he became a father figure to her. She joined the military when she was fourteen(legal age on her planet, though still earlier than most), and devoted her life to it for years. Eventually, she realized she was serving a tyrannical and murderous king, and…snapped. She killed him, and joined the Axis to stay on the run. She was hired for her skills, both in combat and with a wrench.


Name: James Fleet
Age: 84, but looks 21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight? Maybe? He has found some guys cute.
Race: He an elf. The planet he was born is basically a huge magical forest with people that have a strong connection with the elements. It's separated into four different areas, the elves of the forest blessed with earth, the fae of the sky blessed with air, the mer of the seas blessed with water, and the djinn of the barren lands blessed with fire.
Powers: Earth bender, basically.
Appearance: Long black hair in a low hanging ponytail tied up with a dark red ribbon; dark brown skin; dull hazel eyes; stands at around 6'7"; fairly muscular; his body is littered with scars the most prominent one is an old burn scar marring half of his face; and he has them pointed ears.
Style: Very simple clothing. The most extravagant thing he owns is his jacket which is a modified military jacket. He also a set of three rings that are kept on a necklace that ne never takes off. Never.
Skills: He's an amazing swordsman, but only decent at ranged attacks. He's a good leader, but also very stubborn. He has real high pain tolerance, unless it's something really small like a papercut.
Fears: Losing people under his care
Weapon/s: He has a very old fashioned sword, at least it looks like that. He also keeps a sniper on his back and a knife on his leg.
Backstory(+Why they were hired): It's his ship. That's why he's captain. Technically he stole the ship after being discharged from the elven military by his own family. They then proceeded to disown him loosing his title to the planets throne. His siblings talk to him occasionally, but not many other people do and he doesn't talk about his past much. So don't ask.
Other: He good?

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Name: Kymberlie “Kym” Merrell (meh-ruhl)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Race: Paradenian. This is one of my own species but it’s literally just humans with wings.
Powers: Kym can generate seismic waves and has psychic shielding. Very similar to Marvel’s Daisy Johnson
Appearance: Kym has wavy hair slightly longer than shoulder length. It is naturally blonde but is dyed dark purple. Her eyes are a stunning magenta that is due to her being Paradenian, and they seem to pierce your soul. Her skin is tanned and she has a few freckles on her face. She also has simple white wings comparable to angel wings, and when folded they reach her ankles.
Style: Anything, really. Always has a bow and a quiver full of arrows on her person.
Skills: Skilled with a bow and arrow, excellent cook, relatively flexible and good at parkour
Fears: That she won’t ever find her daughter, that the people who took her won’t pay, pigeons
Weapon/s: Kym is well-versed in archery. She always has a bow on her person with a quiver somewhere close. She is a force to be reckoned with when she has it in her hands, and she has extreme accuracy from years of training.
Backstory: Kym grew up loving cooking. Her mother always taught her recipes, and she started to make her own. Over time, she’s built up the ability to cook a meal from literally anything, from meat and potatoes to vegetables and salt. She can cook anything.
When she was 16, she met the father of her child, Matteo. They were very close, and it wasn’t long before she became pregnant. She soon had her daughter Taylor. People came after Matteo and killed him when she was 20. When they took Taylor, she went after them. She’s killed many of the people in search of Taylor, but she still hasn’t found her. She’s on the run but also only wants to find her daughter and make them pay.

(she ok?)

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Sorry I forgot, I’ll be posting my character today


Karma's Axis was docked in the 'harbor' of a small business planet, waiting on those of it's crew who were out and about. What they were out and about doing had nothing to do with business, and least not in the traditional way. They were in the process of acquiring a part the ship was in need of, and when it came to this crew, that usually ended in just stealing.

Valeria sighed, wiping at the sweat on her forehead as she climbed down from the mess of piping and wires she had been crawling around in. There wasn't much more she could do without the part the crew were after, so she made her way to the bridge, flopping down in the captain's seat to wait.

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(Really sorry that it’s late)

Name: Alec Marquez
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Race(As in, human/alien hybrid, just human, what kind of alien): Human but a bit cyborg
Powers(If applicable): He has a computer system installed in him that makes it possible for him to search facts and stuff like that but it also makes him able to connect with other tecnical stuff like computers, and by that being able to hack into systems
Appearance: Messy black hair and impaling blue eyes, pretty pale. Often wears a black hoodie and dark jeans. The cyborg parts are not visible, except for a chip in his neck.
Style: Dark hoodie and jeans
Skills: He is one of the greatest hackers the world has ever seen
Fears: Internet shutdown and being hated. Also he is afraid of his own panic attacks.
Weapon/s(If applicable): Swiss army knife
Backstory(+Why they were hired): When Alec was about 5 years old he got into a serious accident. His doctor was secretly doing an experiment, and he decided to use Alec as his test object. His parents didn’t know about that, and neither did Alec, until he one day had a test in school and realised that he could search the information in his head. Eventually he learned to use all the functions on the computer in his head, but he didn’t know why he had them until about a year ago, when the doctor found him to see how his experiment had gone. When Alec found out, he didn’t want to be near the doctor. In a dramatic escape with hostages, explosions and a very mad scientist, he managed to get away, to the price of his family being blown up by a huge explosion at their house, caused by the evil scientist. As he moved on, Alec got himself a new apartment in a new city and tried to forget his old life. His skills got much better, and one day he tried to hack the system of the Axis. They found out, but instead of killing him they let him come along eith them, thinking that he could be usefull.
Other: Alec is pretty antisocial, and likes being on his own. Since he knows so much about computers he is also a decent engineer and likes building smaller machines in his free time. He likes to walk around the ship to look for improvements to the tecnology, making it more effectice and creating new functions each time.

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(Also english isn’t my first language so I apologize on forehand if I make any grammar mistakes…)