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Hello! I have a new world I'm developing, and I thought, how fun would it be to develop via rp. Just saying.

The year is 2089, and even though climate change has been under control since 2023, this last decade has been a dark one. So-called "Dirty Business" is on the rise in countries like America, Great Britain, and the Koreas. Together, they form an alliance, calling themselves the Billionaires for the Betterment of Businesses (BIFBOB), where money once again makes might, and might inevitably makes right. Nature, having finally settled closer to her original balance, is now being threatened again, by the same pollutants as well as many new ones.

A conference of the Natural-ethical World County Committee (NATEWC) is called, and they decide peace is not an option this time around. This time, they must act quickly, and put a stop to this destruction before it gets out of hand. They choose warriors who will be able to fight for mother nature, and send them to protect the world. It is thier job to keep the businessmen and women who seek only power and money away from the forests, mountains, grasslands, and jungles they have no claim on. They will not be allowed to steal that land again.

…Only, we aren't playing as any of those people. We are part of an ethically neutral scientific board, (The Ethically Neutral Board of Science (ENBS)), that has been commissioned to create monsters to battle the NATEWC's warrior squads. Using the newly discovered technology of Alchemic Science, the closest thing the world has to magic, the BIFBOB wants us to bring back the greatest creatures to ever walk this earth - dinosaurs. Only…model them after cars. Cool cars. Why? Because the uppity ups at BIFBOB want us to. And they're paying the big bucks.

We, being generally fed up with everyone, like to jokingly refer to these two entities as NATE WOT IN CHRIST?? and BIFF BOB respectively. In fact, Nate and Bob have become the 'Yankee' of the modern day.

Come join if you have a scientist you'd like to play! Alchemic Science is a new and budding craft, and with it, we can create anything!
…Even car-dinos.

Can be a romance, if we want, totally chill w/ that ^^
First come first serve, but you do have to ask before joining
I may ask for a writing example if we haven't rp'd before or if I don't know you
May contain some pretty dark themes and more mature content
But also, let's face it…it's comedy.
Do not be rude please
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please be active. If you can't keep going, just let me know, it's no problem
Please have good grammar. Thank-you. Occasional slip ups are fine, of course.Also, having decent paragraphing is appreciated. For longer replies, an extra line, like this:

Is appreciated to keep things easier to read.
Swearing is fine, and allowed, just don't go too overboard
No god modding
Please keep your replies a little longer. Doesn't have to be more than 3 lines, but wherever you can, try to stay above 1.

I am only active to rp on Tuesday, occasionally Thursday. If you do not like infrequent replies, this is not the rp for you, that is all


She ran through the halls, panting. Nothing like this had ever happened before and she didn't know what to do. A roar sounded behind her, getting closer by the second. She ran as fast as she could, running out of stamina quickly. Her legs became sore, so she just excepted her fate and sat down.

(Sorry if it's short.)


No worries! As long as you're fine with keeping that as a minimum reply length in the rp! If so, welcome aboard! :D I'll post a character sheet in a mo :)


Character's name:
Character's age:
Sexual orientation:
Physical Description:
Backstory: (If you have questions about the world and how your character could fit in, feel free to ask ^^)


Character's name: Cotton Heroux
Character's age: 36
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Biromantic, Asexual
Personality: Feisty, opinionated girl with a curious nature. She likes to experiment with alchemic science and likes to know the things she makes will be appreciated. She likes both children and animals; she is also very good with them. It hurts her to see beings being neglected and doesn't like just selling beings to people. She sometimes questions being a part of the ENBS and considers running off on her own with some equipment.
Physical Description: Cotton is 5'6" with a curvy figure and an oval face. She has almond skin (#AB784E) with white freckles on her face. She has large round eyes, which are grey in colour. She has long straight hair with curtain bangs, which is dyed half pastel pink and half pastel blue. She wears a denim overall dress, white t-shirt and black ugg boots, which she regards as vintage. She wears a silver bangle on each arm.
Backstory: Cotton's mother, Regina Madigan, and father, Charlie Villalobos, met when they were young. Regina was the only daughter of a rich family and Charlie was from a very poor family. Cotton was a product of teen pregnancy and her parents split a year after she was born due to ideological differences. Neither could decide which she would live with and didn't want to share her, so she was kind of just abandoned. When she was three, she was found by Alexis Heroux, a nerdy young adult with a Ph.D. . During this time, Regina Madigan got married to Gabriel Fensby and gave birth to Cotton's half-brother, Oliver Fensby. At age 14, she met her half-brother, Oliver, again along with his friends Austin Hanlon and William Mangiarotti. At age 15, Oliver and William began to make fun of her for not knowing her father, so she stopped talking to them. She and Austin meeting up to talk to each other. At age 16, it got harder for them to meet up, as Austin's parents, Gina and Richard Hanlon started bringing him and his sister, Iris Hanlon, to "meetings" with the other rich people. Cotton got her Ph.D. at age 27 after starting a fire using a new chemical method. Cotton made Silk at age 35 as a way to personally test creating life. She almost died during this but ended up fine.
Other: Silk is a small off-white dragon with feathered wings, feathers on her tails, large ears and no horns. She has grey-blue eyes with a playful shine to them.

(If possible, I could NPC some of the characters listed in Cotton's backstory when someone like them is needed in the rp.)

(With your lore, I have workshopped her backstory and such. How is she?)


I love her!!
Only problem, which is TOTALLY on me, (I said I would post some AS lore and I never did) AS only got discovered 4 years ago… And it's also super dangerous to be handling, it's killed people in it's raw state. I'll post some lore. The dragon is awesome though!!
Anyway, my bad!! I'll grab the lore. And throw up my boy :)

Also, if you don't mind aging her up a little, it would be more realistic for the position she would be holding in the ENSB. My character, for example, is 45. What was her education? How did she get her PhD? I don't know a lot about her from a professional scientist standpoint. The ENSB probably wouldn't just hire a random kid one of thier scientists adopted lol


The Nuclear+ Big Bang:
Lithuanian researcher Jonas Mazeika first uncovered the theory that the Big Bang might have been caused by a nuclear war in 2063. He theorized that there was a universe before ours that culminated in some version of an enormous nuclear war that created a black hole and destroyed their universe, creating the 'big bang.'

This theory, while not wholly incorrect, is missing some important pieces. No number of nuclear bombs could be strong enough to create a black hole, one of the heavily argued points of Mazeika's original proposal that even he admitted to. Research a decade later, (2077), into the idea proposed the hypothesis of the Nuclear+, a bomb made of some elements currently unknown, creating a much more potent explosion. Researcher Anika Duschl proposed that enough of these Nuclear+ weapons if used together, could create a 1100 dB sound, which is loud enough to create a black hole. While the elements used in the supposed Nuclear+ explosion remain unidentified, some recent theorization that using Alchemic Science (AS), someone could make such a weapon.

The current most popular theory for the universe creation is the Nuclear+ Big Bang, where these superweapons were deployed in some fashion by a universe before ours in such magnitude that a galaxy-sized black hole was created, inverting the universe and atomizing it. However, as material can never truly be destroyed, the tiny particles began to reform after the inversion, creating the universe we have today. Testing on particles of iron using the AS Dater concluded that the particles were older than our universe, which is where Mazeika initially realized there might have been a universe before our own, one with the same materials and elements.

Those who oppose the theory argue that nothing, not even AS could create a 1100 dB sound. Duschl is currently, (2089), looking into the possibility that instead of creating that level of sound, the explosions may have instead had the exact same resonance as the past universe, causing it to shatter like a glass, creating a chain-reaction that created the black hole instead.

Still more wonder how this works in with the heavily theorized existence of Parallel Universes, and what effect the destruction and creation off an entire universe could have on the surrounding Parallels. These questions remain unanswered at this time, but Duschl promises to address them all in time, stating, "We have never been closer to unlocking the mystery of our creation. We will leave no avenue unexplored."

Alchemic Science:
Discovered in 2085 by independent researcher Dr. Sarah Alvarado, Alchemic Science (AS) was first classified as an 'unknown, unstudied biological chemical pertaining to life and energy.' the continued study of AS has been headed by Alvarado ever since it's discovery, along with an ever-expanding team, which now includes three other lead researchers, including Dr. Benjamin Stakes from NASA, Dr. Emilie Marie-Paule Héroux from Natural Ethical World Committee, and DR. Qaletaqa Meyers from World Health Organization of Life Science.

The classification and uses of AS have become much clearer to us thanks to the four years of intensive study Alvarado and her team have put forth. Thanks to funding from all three parent organizations, (NASA, NATEWC, and WHOLS), the field has exploded. AS has become the hot topic for science at the moment, as it was revealed in 2087 that it was partially made of two new powerful chemical elements never before discovered. Scientists are scrambling to place them on the periodic table, and to learn more about the elements that helped create AS. AS was found in humans, plants, the ocean, the earth, and is especially strong in mushrooms and other fungal plants. NASA's AS Space Expedition (ASSE) found traces of it on Mars, and the Daniel Rover on Saturn's moon Titan has found even more.

Studies of it's exact use in living bodies has shown that, while we don't understand what it really does yet, it seems a critical component for life. If extracted, the organism will promptly die, and no attempts to resuscitate will be successful. However, why it is found in such large quantities in ocean water and earth remains unexplained at this time.

Raw AS cannot be handled, as it has an electricity-like constancy, and attempts to physically interact with it have lead to severe static burns, and even cardiac arrest in some cases. One researcher was rendered brain dead in under a second after accidentally coming into contact with the substance, however as quickly as this diagnosis was given, thier brain exploded with activity, even as the researcher remained in a physically dead state. To this day there is a hospital bed dedicated to that researcher, in the hopes that he wakes up and is able to recount the experience. His brain activity remains off the charts, even though he is still, by every other account, dead, kept only alive by the machines he is hooked up to.

So that's the actual lore around AS at this time ^^


Character's name: Dr. Ferris Kurt
Character's age: 45
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Ace/aro
Personality: Ferris is businesslike and professional, but has a distinct humor and personality around those he considers friends. He's bad-tempered, the old "I'm always angry" what-have-you. He is one of the ENBS relations team, simply because he doesn't take any shit from the people they interact with. He has little tolerance for immaturity, and expects professionalism out of those around him. He is, however, extremely patient, which goes hand-in-hand with his stubbornness. Once he sinks his teeth into something, no amount of problems and obstacles will make him let go. He's got a very "Fight the universe" attitude, the kind of guy who wakes up every morning knowing the Lord Will Test Him On This Day.
Physical Description: He's ex-military, and stays fit and active even now, so he's actually pretty buff. He's about 5'9", by no means tall, with blonde, short-cut hair and green eyes. He's got tanned skin, and a near-constant frown. His hands are weathered and his arms are covered with many old scars of any type of questionable origin. Don't ask about them, he'll either not say anything or go into way too much detail.
Backstory: Ferris got his PhD through the military while in active service. He was deployed on one tour to Denmark during the short but bloody Bazahilian Wars of '64, and served there for two years at age 20. After achieving his PhD at age 24, and continued to serve the military as a bio-chemist. He continued to serve there for 19 years until the discovery of AS, at which point he retired from the military and joined Alvarado's independent team in Puerto Rico. Two years later, he moved back to America and was hired by the ENBS, where he currently works.
Other: He's 'married to his work' as it were. But he does have a blue-furred, three-legged elderly she-cat named Catch.


She looks great! Sorry I didn't get to this for so long, Notebook never told me you updated anything haha. Thanks! I'll get a starter up tomorrow ^^


Ferris sighed as he re-read the letter from the BIFBOB. He began to wonder if they had any standards anymore. The fantastical words detailing the project painted a ridiculous picture, but if Dr. Kendra wanted them to take on this dreamer's idea, then take it on they would. She was the boss, after all.

He stood from his chair, and made his way to the office across the hall from him, papers in hand. He knocked on the door, waiting for Dr. Cotton Herou to answer. The two of them would be in charge of the project, and he knew she hadn't been told of it yet.