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(Hi, if I may contribute? How do you feel about cyber punk? Maybe the characters could run a heist or con? Also the shadow run setting is a lot of fun and lets you mix in a bit of magic if that kind of thing is to your liking?)


Here's the mcfrickin template

Attire: Nothing too flashy
Talents: Up to TWO (2) major talents and THREE (3) Minor
Favorite Weapon: Singular
One Random Fact:
Other: Sexuality, Hogwarts House, Glasses or not


Name: Victoria Evans
Age: 17(?)
Gender: Female
Looks: (yes i changed it again)
Attire: Jeans, converse, sweatshirt, T-shirt
Personality: develop
Flaws: cannot cook, bad at drawing, kinda clumsy
Talents: (hahahahahanopeimstillnotcreativetoday) mechanic and fixing stuff
Hobbies: see above also making stuff out of junk
Favorite Weapon: twin daggers
One Random Fact: she once built a motorcycle out of tin cans (it fell apart once she revved the engine but still)
Other: bi, Hufflepuffle, no glasses


Name: Lars Priscoll
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Looks: Short brown hair, brown eyes, kind round face, 5"8
Attire: blue jeans, green hoodie, trainers
Personality: Skittish, forgetful, awkward, doesn't like being the centre of attention, good listener, a bit of a coward, kind to the people he knows
Flaws: Clumsy, forgetful, nervous, most likely won't defend his friends in verbal arguments and won't pick sides even if they're an enemy but will talk about them behind their back, easily pressured
Talents: Obserbitive, good throwing arm, good with animals, slight of hand (Although never takes the risk unless he's pressured into it)
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, being alone in general
Favourite Weapon: He doesn't really fight so he doesn't carry weapons but he thinks guns are pretty cool
One Random Fact: ahhhh, he really likes bananas covered in chocolate and toffee, idk
Other: Panromantic Demisexual, Hufflepuff, black-rimmed glasses


(Hey sorry I'm on a family vacation and won't be on much tonight or tomorrow, but I'll get my character posted soon. Again very sorry.)


Name: Seraphin Jasper
Age: 20
Gender: female
Attire: same as above
Personality: She is manipulative and tries to keep emotionally distant for the people she works with. Even with that hard exterior she has a tendency to be extremely kind to children and people in need. Externally sarcastic. She uses her charisma to get what she wants and if that fails well a gun can do the same job.
Flaws: Fatal flaw: Tends to see herself as the smartest person in the room. (This might get her shot) Minor flaws: tendency to curse in Russian, Mandarin, or English when things go off track, places no real trust in people, and (Even though she is human) she'll say "Humans" in a disgusted or annoyed tone.
Talents: Up to TWO (2) major talents: she is extremely charismatic and a marksman THREE (3) Minor: Computers, acrobatics/agility, and slight of hand.
Hobbies: Most of her free time is spent tracking down her Bio parents
Favorite Weapon: Singular: Situational dependent, but in most cases she will default to a pistol. (She is conformable with most firearms)
One Random Fact: She bounced around the foster system until she turned eighteen, most of the homes were not kind.
Other: Her stance on love: "Go stick it were the sun don't shine." She doesn't have time for it, she is tied of letting people get close only to hurt her. Official stance on her sexuality: "I don't care what you are, just that I want to have some fun" She is pan, but not interesting in long term… anything. Hogwarts house: "What is this… Hogworts?"walks away and you can see a Ravenclaw scarf poking out of her bag She would like to consider herself Ravenclaw, but might have been place in Slytherin. Glasses: "Does it look like I wear glasses? No and for the record if i did I would take them off so I don't have to look at your face any longer." Well she does not wear glasses and really dislikes being asked questions.

Important other: Already a runner (Or what ever we are calling people who do questionably legal things for a living); has connections in black markets, fences, and fixers. Has already been on a few jobs.

(what do you think?)