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The crew of a spaceship wakes up from years of induced cryo-sleep. They can't remember any of their basic memories, such as their names and personal history. The only memory they seem to have is that of language and muscle memory of completing tasks they would normally have done beforehand with their memories. The only names they are known by is the number in the order they woke up. However, there is a reason why they were awoken quickly but incorrectly from their cryo-sleep.

Their ship is shutting down. Crashing. Dying.

(Basic plot was based off the beginning of Dark Matter, but of course you can still join and roleplay without knowing the show. I don't expect this to go exactly like the series, in fact, I expect the opposite. Just thought the idea was cool.)


  • Please ask to join and RP after I approve your character.
  • LGBTQIAPD+/SAGA characters allowed.
  • Please try to use correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Hate the character, not the person. Take fights to PM/DM or skip.
  • Swearing allowed.
  • Please keep it PG-14 and if things get steamy either time skip or take to PM/DM.
  • Shipping allowed but ask first.
  • Basic RP rules stated by Andrew.


Real Name:
Number Name:
Age: (please keep ships legal. I will not accept pedophilia in any way)
Species: (please explain the species if you do choose an alien species)
Specialties: (what would their muscle memory contain)


One: @RedTheAngryQueenBee
Two: @ConnorTheAndroidSentByCyberlife
Three: @SnakeChild-Creator-Of-Strange-Characters-Antisocial-Theatre-Nerd-Duskie-Finder-Of-Weird-Memes
Four: @@gracehustle
Five: @EmptyNebula
Six: ??

(I will add more numbers if more people join.)

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(Can I be 1? Also, I have this alien species I'd like to flesh out a bit more of it isn't too much trouble.)

@EmptyNebula group

Real Name: Nova Jaxtom
Number Name: 6
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Human
Appearance: Black frizzy hair, chocolate brown eyes, 5'7, hourglass body shape
Outfit: T-shirts and sweatpants
Personality: ESFP
Specialties: Basic things but a little bit of enhanced movements as in jumping, or a faster speed but nothing else
Backstory: Chose to be put in cryo-sleep for scientific purposes
Other: Has a kitten still at Earth

@Tiny-Magic-Wolf-wants-to-punch-something pets

Real Name: Marchosias "Marcus" Well
Number Name: Two
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Xulga-Human (Xulga are small, technology-based aliens that tend to keep to themselves. They're humanoid, but their skin is tinted shades of blue, green, yellow, or orange, and they have 1-3 antennae coming from their heads)
Appearance: 5'0", light skin tinted pale green, neck-length blonde hair with cyan highlights, small, slender build like most of his kind, light green eyes that glow in the dark or if light is shined on them. His back-length antenna has a cyan-colored bob on the end, which he can use as a light, and his tail has plug-like prongs at the end.
Outfit: Usually his uniform (if they have uniforms, I dunno), but casually wears a large, lavender sweater, a white undershirt, skinny jeans, and white and cyan sneakers. Sometimes wears a teal scarf.
Personality: Shy, open-minded, and patient, always willing to talk things out but ready to fight if necessary.
Specialties: Advanced technologies, hacking, repairing
Backstory: His parents disappeared when he was young, so he went to live with his two best friends and adoptive mother. They soon became accustomed to living with an alien halfling, and his new caretaker did her best to keep him out of trouble with people who wouldn't take a liking to his alien half. He was always very intrigued by space and technology and thus began his dream of being a space explorer. He applied to the space academy the first chance he got and, luckily, they didn't mind the fact that he was half-alien. Eventually, all of his studying and training paid off and he was put on the crew. He doesn't remember how he ended up in cryo-sleep.

(Is he good?)

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Real Name: Slang Motiv
Number Name: 3
Age: 23
Gender: Male, well his species does not really have a gender role, he just assumes he is male because he likes the wayit sounds
Sexuality: the gayest gay to ever gay in space
Species: Slyverrian, the Slyvverians are somewhat snake looking hummanoids that have enchaneced senses and enchanced entelligence
Appearance: Slitted amber eyes, scales bordering his face, small frame, pale skin, black hair with natural green tips
Outfit: a loose fitting black shirt, black pants and comfy boot
Personality: shrugs no clue i need to develop him
Specialties: (what would their muscle memory contain) cooking and baking, controlig the wepons and the control pannel
Backstory: shurgs still need to develop!


(alrighty that leaves two for me. and Dusk he looks good, what are his weaknesses as that species in particular? That's all I have a question about)


Real Name: Mary-Ann Vane "Mav"

Number Name: Two

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Species: Pravimean. Pravimeans have long, dark hair, dark eyes that change color, varying shades of grey skin, and are rather tall. Pravimeans are nocturnal and use more modern-like technology rather than futuristic technology. They practice an ancient form of sword fighting and close-combat. Pravimeans have faster regeneration time than most other species, as long as they have been fed enough. Two isn't quite an elder yet, her wings are still folded up inside her back where only two long parallel lines mark it. If she does force her wings out, it will cause immense pain and damage to her back and she will most likely have to cut her wings off to live. Pravimeans feed off the blood of specifically other species, as if a Pravimean were to feed off the blood of another, they will die a slow and painful death as their insides would flip inside out unless the blood can be removed from the system before death occurs. Pravimeans can't swim.

Appearance: Deceitfully thin and flat body, tall 6'1" and weighs 157 lbs, sickly pale-grey skin. Her eyes are normally dark purple, however they turn fire-plasma red when bloodlust or hunger is triggered. Her hair is normally black, but it slowly turns red starting from the ends and spread up towards the roots (the red coloration marks her level of bloodlust/hunger). She leaves her hair down and straight.

Outfit: Basic uniform of a Pavimean; grey tunic and leggings with black belt, boots, gloves, and a red bandana around her neck. Has an odd pocket-belt she wakes up with, which would actually be a utility belt. Occasionally wears ceremonial garb that looks like a long black trenchcoat.

Personality: She's extremely introverted from her time stuck in cryosleep, but in no way is she shy. She's observant but not very intuitive as her life experience is pretty limited. She doesn't allow herself to feel emotions very often so they build up to the point of exploding out of her in bursts, but she does think a lot (almost too much). Curious like a child, but secretive as she doesn't want to get attached or attract bad attention. Trustful of only a few people.

Specialties: Sword fighting, close-combat, flying/repairing the ship

Backstory: She's on the run from both the Human and Pravimean governments. For what reason, she has no idea. (Will elaborate later)

Other: Her species very closely resembled that of the Human's trope of "Vampires". She's nocturnal so she sleeps during the "day" cycle on a planet and has excellent night vision and profoundly well-seeing eyes. She can go out in sunlight and be fine, but she will have decreased vision as the sun blurs her vision. She dislikes garlic in her food, as she thinks it is disgusting and the person giving to her is trying to poison her.

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(alrighty that leaves two for me. and Dusk he looks good, what are his weaknesses as that species in particular? That's all I have a question about)

The spiecies, like snakes, hate the cold and usualy are found in warm spots. i really need to develop the spicies so if i think of anything else you will be notifed//