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The world is crumbling. You, however, have already left it behind. You're on a spaceship, heading for Mars. Good luck, for you are one of the last remnants of Earth.

Age: teens through upper twenties
Open for shipping: Yes/no

Everyone will be on the ship together!

Name: Alley Road
Age: 21
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexuality: heteroflexible
Open for shipping: Yes
Personality: Soft-spoken, she is the prime example of an introvert.
Appearance: Tall and slender, she wears the same uniform as everyone else.
Other: She was brought along because she is an expert in terraforming.


Name: Penny Lane
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Open for shipping: Yes
Personality: Sweet, optimistic, quiet, friendly, loyal, kind, almost always in a good mood
Appearance: Dark brown hair, fair skin, freckles, wears a big pair of "Lennon Glasses"
Other: Loves photography and food


Name: James Elmsworth
Age: 20
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight so far
Open for shipping: yEs
Personality: Normally upbeat, likes being witty and making people smile. Easy-going.
Appearance:strong guy, long-ish black hair that gets in his face a lot, large-sweatshirt-wearing type, always jeans.
Other: studying engineering, is an astronomer. (maybe he could help keep the spaceship on track and he could do an fixes in case of a break)