forum Word association Game with Food :)
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Hopefully this will be a fun way of trying out writing descriptions that are interesting and draw others in, and practising being creative on the spot.

Basically, give the name of the weirdest thing you've eaten. Only the name, please, because then, anyone who is interested makes up a dish that fits to the name and describes it in as much weird detail as they want.

Then, the person who wrote the name gets to reveal what the food actually was (also by decribing it in a creative way-seriously, go wild with this. Poems or drawings also work ;))

Anyways to start it off, the weirdest thing I've eaten was called "dulet"

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Eh it seems like a strange French dish that is kind of cooked like an omlet, at low heat on the best French stove, until somehow brown and flipped over with the best "HOH" a Frenchman skilled enough could even begin to try and muster. The HOH is passed down in genetics, and those who are not lucky are passed to only hoping they can master it like the higher-ups.



(I decided to look up both of these and NOT to participate, the first one looks good, but the second one is euahgh ho hoo, GROSS!)


Is actually a type of sauce that is often cooked at special occasions. At first look, it seems a bit squishy and formless, and maybe even relatively harmless. It's mutton, all the way through. Except, it tastes slightly more like mutton than othe mutton meat, and at second glance, it is rather slimy and little bumpy- like goose bumps, on top of the meat. That would be because the meat used for this sauce needs thise ridges to digest– seeing as it's part of the stomach.
Yep. Dulet is literally sheep stomach sauce.

I sort of liked your description more, it made me get that mental image of all these chefs in a line, waiting to see if they can prove they can "HOH" :)

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lil bumpy boi yea I looked them both up lmao and I even had a little nibble of the dish I chose. It was strange. It's great.


Sounds like gamer food. Developed by gamers for gamers - it started out as a side dish in an actual game (probably the Sims, let's be honest) and people liked the bright blue colour and sleek shiny texture so the devs started as crowd funding campaign to get actual chefs to make it.
It has a metal aftertaste.