forum I need food ideas, and so do you.
Started by Becca

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Right, I need basic vegetarian food that poor people would eat, and mixed food for the rich and elite. PLS HELP!!!

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Dude. Beans. Rice. Potatoes. Corn meal. Those four basics are extremely cheap, and can be used to make various meals. And have you ever heard of Hobo stew? If your poor people are communal, it could work.

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Definitely meats of all sorts, but mostly beef and pork as that would be most expensive. Anything that involves white flour would be particularly expensive, and cane sugar would also become expensive. Hard to cultivate plants such as asparagus, melons, and domestic strawberries, among other things would be harder to obtain. Also, if transportation is an issue for your society, exotic fruits such as mangos, papaya, bananas, and, depending on the region, oranges, would be much more expensive as well as exotic spices, making it harder for poorer people to make very flavorful sauces or soups, as well as seasoning meat. The poor people would still be able to grow certain spices, but they'd be severely limited compared to your elites.