forum Have you ever read a fantasy that WASN'T an adventure??
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hmm, i don't think a court of thorns and roses would be considered an adventure (i'm assuming by adventure you mean characters going off on some sort of mission…quest…thing…like lord of the rings which i have just referenced :P). ummmm…this savage song is sorta urban fantasy and doesn't have an adventure. also for the most part the shades of magic series isn't an adventure.


Well to me those all have the qualities of an adventure. Google defines adventure as "an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity," so I dunno, I guess a ton of books could be considered an adventure.

It would just be interesting to see a fantasy where it's just slice of life or a romance.

And as a side note, I really didn't like An Ember in the Ashes, tbh. :/


There isn't "fantasy where it's JUST a romance," because that would just be a romance set in a fantasy world. Two different beasts.

I would like to see a slice of life fantasy, but I don't think it would get published, since it would lack enough excitement to make it sell beyond niche appeals like ours.


True true, I guess "fantasy" is kind of equated with "adventure," and so it wouldn't technically be a fantasy if it was just romance, or just slice of life. People looking for fantasy would be disappointed by it…


pretty sure you have slice of life fantasy, but only in manga.
there is such a thing as political fantasy, which is focused more on the inner workings royal courts and all. it's not really adventure fantasy. also stories like dead letter (a prequel to the dragon choir, i think it was called) which are set in one location but have a lot going on aren't adventures. i personally make a distinction between high and epic fantasy. high fantasy is the usual definition, stories in a made up world with magic and stuff. epic fantasies are those stories like a daughter of smoke and bone or lord of the rings that have a plot of epic proportions, with much higher stakes, and almost always involve some kind of journey.

basically you want high or low fantasy that isn't epic fantasy.


Well, does Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire count then? Its less of an adventure and more a struggle for survival. People do go places but it's not the drive of the plot.