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I like tropes/ archetypes/ whatever they're called, they help us have a potential framework for situations in stories we encounter often and that we can play around with.
some of my favorites include

  1. that one wacky character that is super lovable and clumsy but that makes you want to cover your eyes every time they are put in a stressful situation because its just so afdkjhkhagkfhsf;kgf
  2. "give me all your weapons" hands over a ton of weapons from increasingly impossible or unusual places "I said ALL of them." hands over another tiny knife that was hidden in their shoe or something
  4. a character walking into a room to see a big scary thing. they have no response, no faicil expressions. they just walk out.
  5. flat "what" reactions
  6. people seeing the crazy looking obvious thing in the room and completely ignoring it/ acting like it doesn't exist
  7. short characters walking really fast because they have friends with long legs/ getting picked up and carried when they walk too slow.
  8. evil creepy monster thing is actually nice and has the answer to one of your many questions.
  9. I love dragons…. I know this technically doesn't count but if it has dragons in it i will read/ watch the thing.
  10. The smart girl that is actually really cool and not viewed as really annoying.

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I love the gay/trans/lesbian couple adopting trope (idk if it is or not but i fukiiejeoejekekood love it)

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Eyyy!!! I have that trope!
Not in the fantasy one, but in a realistic fiction one.
I mean Maia and Esther do kinda become group parents, but Esther is Team Mom and Maia is more of a Team Margarita Aunt