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How do you feel about couple stereotypes or cute tropes? My main character is a race that I created, and he gets together with a girl of a different, mixed race. What stereotypes would you avoid with that, and what tropes would you add in?


I mean for a trope that I really like, tax reasons to lovers childhood friends to lovers is something I really like. Enemies/rivals to lovers is good too, but it tends to take a lot of slow burning to actually make it work, y'know? Otherwise it usually just feels really rushed. The "they kiss under a flowering tree" thing is always really pretty and cute and just aaah!! to me as well lol. As far as avoiding? I've found that I'm not really fond of "power disparities" where one person practically rules another. Feels really unhealthy. Also when one character is super abrasive or yells at the other, that's just… do not like.

TL;DR, kisses in pretty settings, tax evasion, and a healthy relationship are things that I personally really like to see