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I'm looking for anyone interested in joining my story. All original work will remain to the creator and any who join will help decide the story.


This story is Fantasy genre. The title is called Universal Chaos. The story sets in 2002.

We are abominations to society. Some aren't even human, others are but with a little twist. either way, we were hunted. Captured. Killed. Some mortal by the title Purifier built the Daedalus to keep us all in… I am not going to stand by it…

(If anything just ask. There's a lot to explain)

@PaperHats business

Name: Souniro Blackheart
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Abilities: Sights— Basically, he is blind to a degree. When he closes his eyes, he is able to see the white outline of people against a black canvass. Because of this, he is able to zero in his attention to certain people, making him a better fighter. To help with this, he wears a blindfold often.
Pets: None
Weapon: Twin ornate daggers.
Any Additional: None


Name Jack Ryder a.k.a. Dark Angel
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Abilities Ancient Magic- Magic used by anyone with the knowledge of it. Created by the Ancients, a race lived long before humans. Fire manipulation. Angelic and demonic capabilities.

NOTE!!: All characters are subject to change and evolve. If any additional Abilities or change in background or race, just notify me.


Jack opens his eyes to see the empty room around him. His arms and legs shackled with glowing engravement on them. Jack tried but failed to remove them. He then noticed a man laying across the room from him. Both of them wearing suits with a number on them. Jack's read 001 and the man's read 581. Jack wakes the man and asks, "Who are you?"