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So I got this world from a previous project that I left on hiatus yet here it is and here I am trying to make something with it… Invalid Universe Here´s the thing, in this world, you are in a time period were mages are killed because of their magic (long story short, mages claimed their freedom and lots people didn´t like that so they started to kill them, the link describes the magic system, btw) but there´s this piece of land called Arcata known as the city of mages, a place where they aren´t killed, technically part of the Norean territory (Invalid Location) which is not friendly with mages so there´s a conflict, however, mages are winning and they send ships to every country to take other mages to Arcata (secretly of course) and you find yourself in one of those ships, the goal is to reach Arcata and not die on the process, avoiding all the dangers the sea can bear…
Rules: just be nice in general, (swearing allowed and violence is okay as long as it´s on character and not directed to another player)

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Country: (there´s lots of countries, let´s stick with the ones that are easy to read on the map, to make it easier, the islands next to Noren are elven territory, the one on the top left is dwarven territory, the ones at the center are inspired by middle eastern countries, the ones on the right by asian countries, the ones on the top right are inspired by latin american and mediterranian culture and the one on the top center is pretty much every slavic country mix together)

Your standar human.
Elves: (long one, sorry) elves are divided in 6 sub races, moon elves (white or really whased out tones of blue or purple as skin colors, hair goes from white to black, sometimes blue, eyes are always cold colors with white pupils), sun elves (golden skin, really shiny eyes and hair goes from brown to blond), dark elves (grey skin, shiny eyes that look like they been crying, normally have white tattoos on their body and hair comes in all colors), light elves (really pale, completely white eyes and blond hair), wood elves(dark skin, green or brown eyes and hair goes from all shades of brown) and night elves (dark blue or purple skin, blue, green or purple eyes and hair comes in all sorts of colors, all), this ones have some cat like features, like their nose or the shape of their eyes, elves are tall and skinny, have longs necks, long and bony fingers and a litle hint of fangs, their pointy ears are a little bit long and ten years equal one for them.
Fahrraes: their skin goes from white to black, some are more brown-ish grey, kind of like the dwarf, they have really light bones, pointy ears, shiny eyes that have all sorts of fantasy colors, their hair is always white, fahrraes have incredibly gorgeous voices and animal like feautres, their eyes shine in the dark and have elongated pupils, their tounges are a little bit snake like and most of them are nomads.
Dwarfs: they have really dim browns as skin tones, the hair goes by all natural colors, they have some small orc like fangs and small pointy ears, eyes can be any color, is like a cultural thing to have at least one tatto in the face and a dwarf having straight hair is extremely weird, obviously beards are something every male dwarf NEEDS to have.
Noivaras: look sort of humans, they are extremely pale except for parts like cheeks, fingers, ears, and such (sometime a suddle blush, others make them look as red as a tomato), their teeth are sort of pointy, their hair goes from all shades of red, eyes are any color but the pupils are really big and make them look almost black, some actually have black eyes, noivaras are a little bit bony and really flexible.
Nofeiras: pretty much vampires, that´s like a slur for them, tho, they pretty much were created by necromancy, human blood is like water for them and the other types of blood are sort of like alchohol, they aren´t able to have magic but are allies with Arcata because they are treated in a similar way to mages (noifeiras help the arcatians and they let them drain the blood of criminals and enemies)

Magic and mark: what type of magic do you have (fire, water, air, plants, earth, metal, blood, lighing, etc) and the mark that means you are a mage (where is it located)

Apperance: (short description, enought to give and idea of how your character looks like, including clothes if you want to)

Extra: (whatever you want, not necessary but you can put anything you want here)

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Ok, I´m just gonna leave this here: (I usually play as another character but I´m limiting myself to be the NPCs and the narrator if needed)

The wind was roraring and the sea was as dark as night, there was fog all over the place, no person to be seen, or at least it appeared that way. There, in a remote place in the docks, a bunch of hooded people helped a woman with a child to get on a ship, behind the two of them, a group of mages waiting in line. The unforgiving cold of Alban seemed more bearable when the thought of a better life was involved.


Kearo Raeda (captain from Imine, noifeira woman, messy and curly hair, purple eyes and always wears black)
Vekan Raeda (Kearo´s nephew, brown hair, blue eyes and wears lots of blue fancy clothes)
Menita Paraki (Earth mage from Nashira, human dark skin, dyes her hair white, honey brown eyes and normally wears a beige cloak over a yellow dress hiding the mark on her belly)
Nuri Tahe´sano (human boy from Asahi, young, really young, a water mark on his left arm, dark brown hair and eyes, wears lots of reds, prefers oversized clothes)
Vadreya Tomir (moon elf, male, white hair, purple ish skin (really pale), green eyes, dresses like a rouge and always has a cloak, blood mage, mark on his back.

@Shadow_Knight group

Name: Raz Bazzle

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Counrty: Miterah

Race: Dark Elf

Magic and mark: Blood and on the right shoulder blade

Appearance: grey skin, shiny eyes, Grey hair that reaches her waist, wears a dark gray cloak, also wears a lot of charm necklaces and bracelets

Extra: She loves to tell stories or tales, especially scary ones and doesn't talk to people much if she's not doing that. If she does talk then she doesn't give much information about herself. Gives off a mysterious vibe.

(Is this alright? Because I feel like I didn't give much info.)

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(Is okay, the country is called Miterah, sorry for my bad handwriting… As for blood magic, think about it like the bloodbenders from ATLA but without the moon thing, they can use their own blood or someone else's, they can create blood clots and even figures with it, even drain someone's blood)

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"Next!" That same person spoke again, looking at the crowd, hoping there aren't any guard around

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Raz shuffled forward, making sure her hood covered her face. She bracelets and necklaces jingled with every step she took, giving off a Erie feeling, as you couldn't see them with the cloak on.

(Are there types of races or magics that people don't trust or are discriminatory towards?)

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"Be careful…" the hooded man said, "Next!"
(Sort of, necromancy for example, but that was banned after the creation of noiferas and there aren't more necromancers, as for races, there are conflics between the elves, most people dony trust noiferas and most noivaras would fight anyone)

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"Welcome to the Ghost, I'm your captain, Kearo Raeda" the lady in black robes came out of nowhere like she had been lurking in the shadow before everyone was in "My crew will take care of you, anyone injured or sick follow the moon elf, in case of legal procedures, we are going to pretend we are a merchant ship"


Name: Haslovic Arthnik

Age: 22 (I have a question for age, does different race have different age range in this universe?)

Gender: Male

Country: Mines' Nevhar (I hope I got it right)

Race: Dwarves

Magic and mark: Vibration magic. The mark can be seen on his right wrist near his palm.

Apperance: Light brown-ish skin color with dark crimson red long full beard. Reflective dark blue eyes, similar to an ocean. His crimson red hair, same color as his beard, is tied up behind his head. Has a scar across his cheek from his ear to his mouth. His moss green ancient art tattoo starts from his hair through his forehead and down to his nose. He wears a hoodless green robe to go with his tattoo and an light armor plate on his chest strapped from his right shoulder to his left waisted.

Extra: He has a brown thick furred male bear named Hoss. Other than his magic, he prefers to fight with a hatchet.

(Cool? Not cool?)