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"This is a bad idea." Riverpaw whispered shakily, her grip on Tsunami tightening the further down they went. "You'll be fine, I'll make sure of it. Just think of this as part of your training…like that giant spider we had to deal with the other day." Riverpaw shuddered. "P-please don't remind me of that." Tsunami chuckled under breath as they reached the bottom of the stairs. She turned the looked at Calix and huffed quietly. "She a-asks what kind of creature it is." Riverpaw said, hesitantly climbing down from Tsunami's back.

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"No clue. First time I saw it I ran before I could get a good look. Even warriors will run." Calix said to her and looked around the area of the room.

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Tsunami glanced at Riverpaw and pointed her ears to catch any sounds. Riverpaw copied her, and the wolf asked, "Do you see or hear anything?" The girl scanned the room, even the ceiling, and her eyes soon caught the slight shudder of a crate in the farthest corner. She listened closely, and could hear quiet, growl-like breathing. She lifted a hand to point, the other resting on the dagger on her hip. "Over there."
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(Hehe, sorry for dropping out with no warning, I was forced to take a long hiatus from Notebook. I don't even remember all this stuff I had with Serenade…well, see you guys around the forums I guess)