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…To Itoria, a mystical world filled with creatures that only showed in your wildest dreams, from elves to orcs they are all here! But, Itoria is not all that it seems, for you see. Monsters, bandits, tyrant kings, corrupted nobles and rogue gods are causing destruction to run rampant throughout the lands. The people live in fear as the adventurers and supposed heroes do nothing but sit and drink in bars all day…

But fear not! A prophecy states that a group of men and women from all species will band together to rid the world of evil. Even if it takes one step at a time…


Aight, I just thought I'd lay down some rules before anyone gets fantastical ideas of what they want to do. I'm DMing a D&D campaign as of now so a lot of the story will kind of follow dungeons and dragons etc vibe. But we won't be doing combat roles or anything just some basic story elements from my previous campaigns :p

So, rules.

  1. Just don't be a dick, we all know 'the guy' so just don't be 'that guy' and we'll have no problems.

  2. No Mary Sue's. You know "My laser is like the ultimate destroyer beam and no one can beat it!!!" kind of thing. Even professional's get hurt, so be warned that there will be more powerful villains than your characters.

  3. I'm fine with profanity, just don't overdo it you know?

So with literally only three rules set we can look at character tables.


Anyway, character models!

Species:(Add a description if needed)

Physical description:

Weapons:(what are they carrying)

Backstory:(What happened before they came to the story-arc?)


Name: Theron Cast
Species:(Add a description if needed) - Dark Fae
Age: looks 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Physical description: Dark olive tone skins, green eyes, white hair. Usually seen with a white tunic, black pants, and black boots.
Weapons:(what are they carrying) - Swords and daggers
Backstory:(What happened before they came to the story-arc?) He was an assassin for one of the larger lords of the land before figuring out that he was killing innocent people. Now he kills people of the lord's court (Usually people who abuse there power) Mtbd


Name: Clinger Caw
Species: Kenku (Crow people from D&D)
Age: 15 (They only live till usually thirty, so 15 is middle aged for them)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight as a pole.

Physical Description: He's a tall and lanky kind of Kenku. He almost always wears a light purple hood and robes that reach just barely past the pelvis. He wraps cloth slash bandages of a sort from his palms to his elbows, not because he's hurt, just because he thinks he looks cool. He did the same for his bird-like feet up to his knees. He has a long straight beak with yellow beady eyes atop his head. A light blue tuft of small feathers come out from the front of the hood. He painted his claws gold as well as he wrapped small gold rings on some of his navy and cyan blue feathers.

Weapons: Clinger will never leave home without his trusty twin daggers and a long sword upon his back. No one knows however that he hides a repeating crossbow underneath his tunic in case of emergencies. He carries a pouch full of round rocks to mislead pickpockets as he hides his real wallet somewhere in his feathers.

Backstory: Clinger grew up on the streets. Plain and simple, or so people thought. People get born into families. But Clinger? He made his own family, as a band of misfits. With him being the oldest, he swore to protect them. He stole, robbed and mugged anything that moved. And soon enough, he had enough saved to get an adventurer's license. His goal is to take whatever money he can find and put it into supplying his only family left.


Name: Nimue Carunus
Species: Elven
Age: 2125 appears to be late 20s/ early 30s
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Physical description: honey tan skin, deep sapphire blue eyes that are tilted upwards at the corners, long wavy raven black hair that she ties feathers, beads and interesting stones into. Like any elf she has semi long, elegantly pointed ears. She generally wears form fitting tunics and leggings in shades of green and silver.
Weapons: gilded short bow, 2 melee dirks, and an array of throwing knives
Backstory: Nimue was born and raised during the last Great War to a noble family. For about a hundred years she lived and breathed battle. Once the war ended, she was enlisted into the Guard of the Elven King as its captain, but as war time was forgotten and the Elves began to honor peace above all else, she became obsolete. Leaving her homeland behind, she now travels the world offering up her services as a mercenary/ guard/ even a blacksmith.

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May I join?
I have a character that I've been overusing that's perfect for this!
Also, since this would be in a dystopian/fantasy setting… Could my character have been experimented on? Like basic… and with magic


Name: Myrna
Species: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Physical Description: Brown-red hair, chestnut eyes, light skin (fair, but not pale), large eyes, severely chapped lips (she keeps forgetting to put on chapstick hahaha)(her lips turned purple)(happened to me once)(it's freaky), triangle body shape I guess?
Weapons: Nobody who knows her trusts her with weapons, so she doesn't have any. She might possess magic, but you know, she can't remember.
Backstory: Since the age of seven, she has had the worst memory ever. Sometimes, her mind just goes blank and she has to ask someone who she is. She doesn't remember her last name but knows that she is called Myrna. The funny thing is, she has no brain problems. Her mind is completely normal. Nobody knows why she can't remember random things every 7- 13 hours. Sometimes, when her brain resets (that's what I call it), she sometimes knows things that she doesn't know other times. For example, sometimes she is super good at math but can't read music to save her life and vice versa. Sometimes she needs glasses, other times she doesn't. Really weird. I'll reveal to you guys why later on. (whoops secrets already) Her parents are turning to anything they can to make her "normal" again, which is why she is now inside a shop that sells magical items with her caretaker poking some old lady's crystal ball. She, of course, doesn't know why she is in there.


here's this thing I made:

@Shadow_Knight group

Name: Raven
Species: Gnome (not a garden gnome but they look like just really small elves.)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan

Physical description: Red hair, pale skin, short (No durp), green eyes, pointed ears, freckles

Weapons: 2 daggers, a short sword, a short bow,

Backstory: She grew up on the streets and orphan. She found a criminal organization and became a part of it. She doesn't work to much with them now but she still has ties with them.


Name: Cortor Clain(usually goes by just Clain though)
Species: elf and human
Age: 18
Gender: Boy
Sexuality: straight

Physical description: ragged black hair, fairer skin with a few freckles, dark black eyes that make you feel like your staring into an abyss. some scars, and somewhere between red and purple lips. black boots with a black hooded jacket. mostly everything is black that he wheres. 5,10

Weapons: a shorter than normal sword, with numerous knives hidden everywhere, and a bow an arrow.

Backstory: he never knew his parents. he grew up on the streets every man for himself kinda way, he learned how to be discreet and became a thief and liar. when he was young he was branded into an assains group known as Clains, where he was mentally and physically tortured and abused, to train to become an assassin against his will. however, he ran away from them and now lives as a sellsword, assassin, spy, along with a little occasional thievery for fun, but always makes sure he gets paid for what he does.