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Based off this prompt.

In a land far far away…war is on the horizon. The Dragons have sided with other Magik users, and are planning on ravaging the kingdom of Prucuria. Why? Well, that's fairly simple. Or, not, considering what happened.

The Eye of Rairves is a well known item in mythology, and a carefully guarded treasure in the palace of the Dragons. And then it's stolen. All clues point to a humans being the thief, and in their rage, Dragons have declared war on humans in general, and are allying themselves with other Magikal creatures in preparation for war.

The only hope to avoid such a costly war lies in finding the Eye, and a group of people have been gathered, a team of humans and Magik users alike, in the hopes of recovering it. Something sinister is afoot, and there's no doubt that this was intentional. Will they be able to stop a war before it happens? Or is this massacre destined to happen?

  1. No OP characters, or I will yeet your ass outta here before you can say 'this bitch empty'. I can't stand invincible characters, man.

  2. Proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, please. I can get making a few mistakes, when you're tired, or English ain't your first language(It's mine, and even I have my issues), but if it's too common a thing, it irks the hell outta me. Call me a bitch, but hey.

  3. Slurs, homophobia, transphobia, rascism, sexism, anything that ends in -ism and that harms or promotes the harm of other people will not be tolerated. See my first threat.

  4. Hate the character, not the writer. Keeps spats between yourselves, outta my funzone. Also! Shipping is fine, but keep it a mutually okay thing, make sure it ain't abuse and/or creepy, and take smut to the PM.

  5. Detailed-ish responses, please. Think three or more sentences. To keep it going.

  6. I have the full right to add and edit this list. I also have the right to boot you if you're causing too many problems.


The Witch: Toxic
The Fairy: @MysticSquijet
The Princess: Moi
The Thief: @MotoMoto-Never-Got-That-PB-and-J

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Whip in I wanna do da thief, pretty please

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I still never got that PB&J. THe peanut butter was too runny ;-;

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SO weird. It's like eating flavored liquid cement


Name: Hazel Coopersmith
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long, wavy brown hair that reaches her waist, far skin, and green eyes.
Usual Clothing: A long black dress and well worn brown leather boots, usually throws a black cloak over it and totes her things along in a brown leather satchel
Magikal Abilities(If applicable): Healing, curses, defensive magick, some earth magick
Other: Has a familiar- a raven named Midnight

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Name : Milly Haven
Age : 1000(10 for humans)
Gender : Female
Sexuality : Lesbian
Appearance : Silvery pale skin, light brown shoulder length hair, freckles everywhere on her body, sparkly gold eyes, bright blue fairy wings with black accents
Usual Clothing : White shirt tucked into white jean shorts, black white knee high boots, light blue belt, light blue hair bow, light blue wrapped loosely around her neck.
Magikal Abilities : Flying
Other : Loves people


Name: Juliet Starr
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Tanned skin, and dark red/bronze hair, choppily cut to just below her shoulders. Her eyes are multicolored, subtly shifting colors in different lighting. She's about 5'6 and curvy, but she's got a decent amount of muscle. She's got a scar across the bridge of her nose from having her head slammed into the counter top during a bar fight in a tavern(she won the fight), and has freckles dusting her shoulders and nose/cheekbone areas.
Usual Clothing: Thin black trousers(think leggings) tucked into brown boots. A dark green tunic, and a short black cloak with a hood. Wears a silver ring in the likeness of a snake, given to her by her mother.
Magikal Abilities: Is unaware she even has them, but can manipulate and strengthen emotions of other people.
Other: Is a sucker for a good fight, and just loves causing trouble in general.