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You grew up in a coven—or, in simple terms, a church of pagans—where life was peaceful, centered in the temperate woodlands of the american Midwest. Your home had been untouched by outsiders for as long as anyone can remember, until a mass of French settlers burn your home down. You escape into the revolution-torn country of colonial America.

Male or female accepted— this will end up a love story, so let me know which pairings you prefer! 🌸 If you have any logistical questions, I am more than enthusiastic to answer them!


Not really, but fair warning, I don’t know too much about this time period. I’m happy to learn though!

Do you have a temp, or are we going in blind?


I'm used to kind of teaching people about the era, I'll put as many details as I can in my posts!
I have a temp, yes, one moment:



I don't mind at all! Also, can we move this to pms so I doesn't get lost in the chat threads? You can post the bio there, I'll get it set up :)

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