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oki, i've had this boie for a long time and i wanna use him properly qvq

"After a powerful thunderstorm, the body of a strange, half fish boy is washed ashore in a kingdom where such creatures are a rare delicacy. Will he meet his end under the scorching sun or the butcher's knife? Or will his discoverer - the ruler of the kingdom - spare his life?"
"And if he survives, will the boy ever find out his lost identity?"


  1. Andrew's RP rules obviously.
  2. Please PLEASE, be active AT LEAST twice a day.
  3. Decent grammar - i understand if English is not your first language, but an rp can't run smoothly if we can't understand each other qvq
  4. No God modding - just no, please.
  5. More than one character allowed
  6. No one sentence responses - i need stuff to work with, oki? qvq
  7. Have fun :D Any new ideas are welcome ^^


Favorite Foods&Drinks:
Appearance + Usual Clothing:
Brief Personality:
Abilities (optional):

There ya go :D


Name: Akanashi (Aka) - no last name given

Gender: male

Age: 17 yrs

Favorite Foods&Drinks: mostly fish, but once he makes it onto land, he develops a liking towards sour cherry juice and a la grec soup

Appearance + Usual Clothing: Delicate looking, with long white curly hair, sea green eyes and white pearly scales. He has small dorsal fins on his back and sides of his waist
As a human he has long thin legs, with bits of scales on his thighs and lower legs.

Clothing wise, he doesnt usually wear any. As a human he wears a plain white shirt and simple brown trousers, but he also loves dresses, mostly because the loose folds feels like water on his legs

Abilities(optional): Being a mermaid, he has a beautiful singing voice - he mostly sings for himself, but sometimes he can sing for others, without the intent of manipulating people's minds. He usually prefers to just influence emotions a bit, to cheer people up - it doesnt work on himself

Brief Personality: Quite shy and reserved, due to not meeting many people. Once he warms up to someone, he's a caring and friendly person, with a kind heart.

Backstory: Aside from his name, he cannot remember anything prior to the storm

Other: He loves the smell of cooked food and warm waters. He is scared of dogs and fishermen


Mmm, im thinking perhaps medieval times? I'd go for a medieval Japan or China (im a sucker for this).
Generally, no technology, if thats ok with you

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Name: Sanada Morisane
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Favorite Foods&Drinks: Tempura & most Kinds of year
Appearance + Usual Clothing: On the slim side, but built and muscled from years of training, a bit short at 5’6”.

When casually out and about, he usually just wears a white shirt with embroidering on the shoulder, and trousers (coloring varies).
Brief Personality: Introverted, not the best at social interactions, stubborn, bossy at times, can appear gruff, often narrow minded, soft spot for children and dogs, has to warm up to people, INTJ
Abilities (optional): N/A
Backstory: Sanada was born into ruling the kingdom, and lived a pretty comfortable life
Other: Cant think of anything right now


After the ravaging storm that swept across the sea and land, there were many things left in need of repair. Several houses had lost their roofs and a couple of boats were left without sails - one of them even sank half way. Never before in thirty years had a storm this violent taken place in the peaceful bay and territory of the kingdom.

While many people were busy fixing the damage that had been done, word came that the giant waves that had crashed against the cliffs had tossed many sea creatures on the beach.
The ruler of the land had no interest in gathering fish, yet she was on the shore evaluating the damages, when the discovery was made.

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Sanada walked along the shore with his hands clasped behind his back. He surveyed the damages with squinted eyes and a heavy heart. Repairing the damages would cost the kingdom greatly. He sighed heavily, taking a set on one of the large rocks. He scanned the shoreline where he could see, taking note of all the fish washed up on the sand. Maybe there was a bright side; the fisherman could gather the salvageable fish (depending on how many there were), and the kingdom could be fed.


With the heavy rain going on all night, the sea creatures that were unfortunate enough to be carried to the shore had managed to survive until morning, some of them were even still moving their gills and mouths as they were slowly losing moist of their slippery bodies. So theoretically yes, many of the fish were still salvageable, though not for long.

Once called, the fishermen were very diligent in their mission, quickly moving around and about, throwing the good fish in the nets they brought along, and leaving the dead fish where it lay, or tossing it closer to the water so their remains would be swept back into the sea, as to please the spirit of the departed creatures. With that problem taken care of, the ruler was now free to continue his evaluation of the damages done by the storm.

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He stood up again once the fishermen were finished with their work. He squinted against the sea breeze, and continued along his path down the shore. He dared not walk barefoot, particularly after a horrid storm such as the one they’d just experienced. Who knew what the objects the seas could beach? He kept a close eye on the water, watching the tide, along with anything interesting he could bring home. Anything of value, even if the chance was slim.


Sadly for them, most of the beached objects were mostly fish unlucky enough to have been picked up by the giant waves, some or some ordinary garbage, from old sunken ships or something - nothing particularly valuable, in terms of material objects.

As most of the fishermen helped carry away some of the loot in order to return and check for more spots that needed cleaning, the ruler was left alone with his thoughts. The beach had mostly been cleaned, yet there was this one spot behind a small rock gathering where a bunch of seagulls were gathering around now that the humans were gone, making a bunch of noise. It was pribably a fish or something, yet the sheer amount of birds pointed to something larger - no one had been close to the rocks, so maybe the fishermen had missed something?

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Sanada squinted curiously at the strange rocks, and the gathering of seagulls crowded around it. Perhaps there was a larger fish beached, or some sort of whale? It was unlikely, but he was curious enough to go investigate. He took care to step around the pieces of splintered wood and other objects as he picked up his walking pace to more of a jog. But on his way, he picked up a waterlogged piece of wood to shoo away the gulls.


Some of the birds scooted away when they saw the man walk towards them but did not fly off until they got the piece of wood swung at them - whatever their prey was they were very stubborn when it came to leaving it. There were still a lot of them on what looked like a beached albino shark or something, judging by the small glimpse of white scales that were revealed under the flock of angry birds. Eventually, with some effort, the small winged predators were driven away, in a cloud of offended screeches as they reluctantly abandoned their meal, still lurking around the stones in case the human decided to buzz off soon and allow them to reclaim their fishy prize. With the scene somewhat cleared of birds, it was now revealed that what the tides had brought on the shore was not a fish - at least, not entirely.

While the bottom half of the creature was definitely a fish tail with big transparent dorsal and propeller fins, the upper half could only be described as human. Two arms, with distinct fingers, a head hidden under what appeared to be curly white hair turned stringy from the drying salt in the water and smooth skin, slightly bruised and pinched by the hungry beaks of the gulls.

This was no regular fish, this was a ningyo, or a mermaid.
Creatures of the deep whose flesh was said to grant immortality to whoever ate it; on the other hand, seeing one of these marine beings washed up on the shore was a sign of upcoming war or disaster - that, if you actually believed in the superstitions. Regardless, good or bad sign, this was a rare sight to behold

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Sanada squinted at the strange form. As he recognized what it actually was, his mouth dropped agape, and he brought his hand to cover it. He cursed under his breath. “A mermaid…” he breathed, kneeling beside the creature. A thousand worries popped up in his mind, quickly pushing them away. Perhaps the bad luck this mermaid brought had already happened with the storm. Was it dead? He poked its shoulder tentatively with the stick.


The creature didn't move upon being poked with the stick, the object only leaving a dark mark on the soft tender white skin of the shoulder. A brazen seagull had approached the beached mermaid and was pecking at the tail with its sharp beak, again failing to get out any reaction from the creature.

It certainly looked dead and that would have been the end of the story if it had not been for a closer inspection of the body - it was kinda hard to see but the creature's ribcage was moving slightly, indicating it was still breathing though probably not for long.

It had been beached for quite some time and the rain had stopped long ago, so the mermaid was nearly completely dry by this point, not adding the injuries caused by the hungry birds and what looked like bruised spots. Judging the distance between the stones and the water, the mermaid had probably been swept up by a giant wave and slammed into the cliff wall which rendered it unconscious, otherwise it would have tried to crawl back into the sea.

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Sanada swing the stick at the seagull, “Get out of here!” He spat, then crouched down next to the beaches mermaid. He examined a bit closer, noticing the slight rise and fall of the creature’s breath. “You poor thing…” he mumbled stoically, while in his chest he did feel bad for it. He looked around for a pool, or even a splash of water to help her—or him? He considered putting it back in the ocean, but how much of a chance did it have to survive in that great big ocean? Then again, what chance did it have to survive at all? He was wary of touching it directly, so he didn’t like the idea of carrying it anywhere, especially if this thing was particularly dangerous. He stood up again, walking towards the ocean to cup some water into his hands. He returned with long drops of water falling between the cracks of his hands, but he managed to splash a little water on the mermaid’s back. He paused, looking to see if it helped. He blinked once, twice, knowing in the back of his mind that if anyone saw him doing this, he would look quite silly.